The trailer for Season 20 of Grey's Anatomy offers a tantalising glimpse. Updates on Nick & Meredith Developments in Delayed Episodes

The new Grey's Anatomy trailer hints at a potential romantic connection between Meredith Grey and Nick Marsh. 

The release of the next season of the enduring medical drama was postponed due to the 2023 strikes, where writers and actors protested for equitable compensation by participating in picket lines.

 Despite season 20 having a shortened order of 10 episodes to accommodate its delayed schedule, the drama for its central characters, including Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) despite her exit from the main cast in season 19, will continue at a steady pace.ABC has graciously released a new full-length trailer for Grey's Anatomy season 20.

The trailer showcases a plethora of interpersonal drama and romance, teasing potential firings, struggles with sobriety, and a wedding that might not go as planned. 

Nevertheless, one of the most intense moments is shared between Meredith and Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman). They become intimately close as he expresses his desire to live a complete life filled with love, to which she simply replies, "Well, alright then.

"Is there a possibility of a future for Nick and Meredith on Grey's Anatomy?This tender moment shared by Meredith and Nick appears to be the result of a deep and meaningful journey for the couple. They initially crossed paths during a season 14 episode when the transplant surgeon experienced a negative reaction to his own kidney transplant.

This incident sparked a significant amount of flirtation between him and Meredith while he was recuperating. Nevertheless, he made his return to the show in season 18, where Speedman became a part of the main cast. During this season, Nick had an unexpected reunion with Meredith, only to discover that she had ended her relationship with Dr. Hayes (Richard Flood).

Despite their efforts to sustain a relationship, their journey was filled with challenges until Meredith's departure from the Seattle hospital in the middle of Grey's Anatomy season 19. Pompeo exited the main cast of the show at the same time, but she continues to contribute as a narrator and executive producer, and will make occasional onscreen appearances. 

There is currently a geographical divide between the couple, so it is uncertain if this romantic moment will lead to them getting together.

There is a potential ray of hope for the Grey's Anatomy couple, as it has not been confirmed whether Speedman will be a series regular for the new season. It is entirely possible for the character to leave Seattle and follow Meredith back to Boston. 

However, considering that this trailer provides only a glimpse into the inner workings of the new season, there may still be several romantic twists and turns before that decision is reached, if it happens at all.


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