You're Not Ready for This Season 5 News, "Virgin River" Fans

 Fans of Virgin River, the fifth season has finally received some news! But let's get right to the point before you get overly excited: It's going to take some time.

The second two seasons of the well-liked Netflix series debuted in the summer, as opposed to the first two's autumn premieres. 

As a result, we had great expectations that we would be able to cuddle up to Mel, Jack, and the group this July. Sadly, Netflix has now revealed that the fifth season will premiere in the autumn of 2023, though the specific date is still to be determined.

However, there is also good news! Before the fifth season has even been released, Virgin River has reportedly already been renewed for a sixth! The good news is that there will be plenty of episodes to show the drama and small-town love that will undoubtedly develop between Jack and Mel and the rest of the Virgin River ensemble, even though we will have to wait patiently for the next seasons.

Recall that in season four we learnt that Jack is the father of Mel's child, but in the finale it was revealed that he wasn't the father of Charmaine's twins. That was a significant cliffhanger given all the drama that ensued between them and throughout the love triangle as a whole.

Aside from Mel and Jack, other events in the season 4 finale included Ricky joining the military, Paige and Christopher reuniting without incident, and Denny's Huntington's illness diagnosis. 

But each of these things raises an own set of inquiries. How will Lizzie proceed now that Ricky is gone and Denny has ruled out a future together?

 Given that Preacher knocked Vince unconscious, he is largely responsible for Paige and Christopher's safety. Unknown if the blow was lethal or if he is just unconscious.

Even while these cliffhangers annoy us, we can rest easy knowing that Virgin River is available to watch at any time, any day thanks to all seasons being streamed on Netflix.

 This is especially true given the fact that it will be some time before we learn any sort of conclusion.

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