How long does it typically take to resolve a pedestrian accident claim?

The duration required to settle a pedestrian accident claim is not fixed. It relies on the specifics of the situation, the manner in which it occurred, and the outcomes that ensued. 

Quality of the information supporting the claim and how convincingly the information can be presented to the party the claim is made against are important factors to consider. 

Knowing the personal injury claims process and being able to analyse the accident details to create a successful strategy is crucial in ensuring pedestrian accident claims are resolved fairly and efficiently. For 25 years, the law firm of John Foy & Associates has been achieving commendable outcomes for clients who have been injured in Georgia.

Factors Impacting the Duration of Resolving a Pedestrian Accident Claim

Every claim is unique in its own way. Various factors may affect the efficiency of settling a particular accident based on the facts involved. Here are some common factors that can impact the speed of reaching a settlement.

We regret to inform you that the parties involved are unable to come to an agreement regarding fault.

Agreement can only be achieved when both parties agree on the same terms. When it comes to pedestrian accident claims, determining fault for causing the accident can often lead to disagreements. The responsibility for the accident is directly related to the amount of money an insurance company will need to pay. 

Responsibility is shared among all parties involved. In cases where an injured party is determined to bear some responsibility for an accident, any compensation received for the injuries will be decreased proportionately. Yet, if the percentage of fault exceeds 50%, the injury claim will be denied in Georgia. 

Both parties have reasons to attribute blame to one another. If fault for the accident cannot be agreed upon, settlement may not occur at all, and the matter may have to proceed to trial. Extent of Injuries

In most cases, the more serious the injuries sustained in an accident, the longer it may take for a claim to be resolved. Severe injuries may require a longer healing time, and the long-term effects might not be immediately apparent. Attempting to resolve a claim hastily in cases involving severe injuries may result in the injured party not receiving sufficient compensation for their losses. 

Aside from being compensated for medical expenses due to the injuries, a pedestrian can also receive compensation for how the injuries affect daily activities and other enjoyments in life. Such damages may not be immediately obvious, and it could require weeks, months, or even years to fully grasp the extent of the injuries. 

Skills in Negotiation

It is important to engage in negotiation to resolve a pedestrian accident claim. It's important for both parties to be willing to compromise in order to reach an agreement. Both parties aim to maximise gains while minimising concessions. 

Skilled negotiators excel at finding innovative solutions focused on achieving the intended outcomes. An effective negotiator is skilled at recognising potential legal issues and addressing them in a manner that benefits the position being advocated. 

Being well-prepared can lead to quicker and more favourable claim settlements for the claimant.

 Having a strong understanding of the relevant laws, the specific details of an accident, and the severity of the injuries claimed is crucial for effective negotiation of claims. 


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