This is what a woman received from Circle using GHC1000.


In Ghana's busy Circle market, a young woman planned to buy an iPhone X with Ghs 1,000 but received a beautifully wrapped bar of soap instead.

This incident brings attention to the prevalence of scams and deceptive practices in the area, as many Ghanaians are still unaware of such tricks.

The woman was initially thrilled about owning the newest iPhone, but her excitement soon turned to disappointment and frustration upon discovering the switch. This story serves as a warning for others to stay alert and cautious of offers that appear overly enticing.

The Circle market is well-known for its wide range of goods and tends to be busy with shoppers, making it a hotspot for scams. It is recommended for both locals and tourists to exercise caution when considering deals from street vendors and to confirm the legitimacy of products before buying.


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