Tragic news: A final year student at TTU has passed away in an accident just a week before graduation.


Unfortunately, a tragic accident has resulted in the loss of a final year student from Takoradi Technical University (TTU), known as Joseph Eshun Sackey, also known as NBB.

The incident took place while NBB and a group of friends were on their way to the 2023 Sandfest concert.Information about the crash is limited, but videos that were shared show the victims in a very distressing condition on the side of the road.

Kind-hearted individuals were able to assist in saving the lives of several injured individuals, who were then promptly transported to the hospital. Tragically, NBB did not survive.

NBB was a committed IT student at TTU and a valuable member of the university's football team.

The team expressed their deep admiration for him, highlighting his remarkable qualities of kindness, warmth, and exceptional compassion that left a lasting impact on many lives.The passing of Joseph Eshin Sackey has deeply impacted his fellow students, teammates, and the entire TTU community, leaving a profound sense of loss.

Authorities are currently conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident, while the community deeply mourns the tragic loss of a talented young individual.


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