Mekai Curtis of Raising Kanan claims that Power Book III's executive producer, 50 Cent, has "handed the baton off."

Curtis, who portrays a younger Kanan Stark in the 'Power' prequel series, expressed to PEOPLE that the show has developed a vibrant existence of its own during the season 3 premiere in NYCK.

It seems that Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson initially started Anan Stark's story, but he has now handed over the reins to the younger version of the character, who is now in charge of himself.

Mekai Curtis, who portrays the role of a young Kanan Stark in the Starz's Power spinoff, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, expresses that he has assumed control over his character's development, with 50 Cent graciously passing on the responsibility.

During the season 3 premiere in New York City, Curtis, 23, shares with PEOPLE how the series has gained its own momentum. The show delves into the tumultuous teenage years of Kanan Stark, providing viewers with insight into the origins of the controversial Power villain. "It's quite enjoyable," he adds.

The actor expresses that he now has full control over the ongoing prequel series, acknowledging the role of executive producer 50 Cent. "Curtis mentions that the rapper has a level of trust in us, allowing us to have a good understanding of the situation," Curtis says politely. 

"He has passed on the baton and has faith in us to continue our current efforts."The show's success is evident, as it was renewed for a fourth season before last week's premiere.Curtis hints that the episodes in season 3 are quite thrilling.

Patina Miller, who portrays Kanan's mother and the notorious drug dealer of the neighbourhood, Raq, echoes Curtis' statement regarding the upcoming events in season 3 by emphasising that each episode holds unexpected surprises. 

"My character is constantly evolving," she says, referring to the power-hungry character.According to Miller, who is 39 years old, Raq plays a crucial role in moulding Kanan into the antagonist portrayed by 50 Cent in Power. Raq's character is constantly evolving and defies categorization. And once season 3 concludes, we will discover the outcome. I really appreciate that about her.

 One can never predict what will occur.Season 3 continues the story from the season 2 finale, as tensions rise between Kanan and his parents. Loyalties are tested and a surprising new romance blossoms between Raq and Unique, two powerful drug kingpins from Southside Jamaica, Queens. 

According to Antonio Ortiz, who portrays Kanan's close friend, Famous, viewers may find themselves in need of some support after watching this season: "Therapy."

"You might want to have a tissue box handy," suggests Malcolm Mays, who portrays Raq's younger brother and second-in-command, Lou Lou. According to Mays, the premiere episode that aired on Dec. 1 might require a strong drink to watch the opening.With the new season underway, Kanan and Raq face even greater challenges as they grapple with their strained relationship. 

Kanan finds it difficult to forgive his mother for her ruthless actions, while the revelation about his father's true identity continues to weigh heavily on both of them.Mays mentions that there is a significant amount of conflict, issues, and family drama. He mentions that there is a surprising twist in almost every other episode of the season.

Ortiz, 24, states, "The initial impression may differ from what unfolds in subsequent episodes."Miller believes that, despite the fluctuations in Kanan and Raq's relationship and their initial coldness in the season 3 premiere, the show ultimately revolves around the theme of family.


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