'Little House on the Prairie' Actress Melissa Gilbert expresses her deep sorrow and longing for Michael Landon on the anniversary of his passing. I am missing my Pa pa.


Melissa Gilbert, the star of Little House on the Prairie, expressed her longing for her beloved "Pa" Michael Landon, even after 31 years since his passing. He played multiple roles in her life, serving as a mentor, father figure, friend, and boss. 

Continue reading to discover the factors that once caused a rift in their relationship and hear her reflections on life without him since his passing in 1991.Michael Landon played a significant role in Melissa Gilbert's career, starting from when she auditioned for 'Little House on the Prairie'.

During Gilbert's audition for her role on Little House on the Prairie, she had the pleasure of meeting Landon, who would go on to have a lasting influence on her life. She was chosen to portray Laura Ingalls, his onscreen daughter, and the main character of the show.

Landon and Gilbert developed a strong connection at that time, and when her father passed away, he graciously assumed the role of a father figure. She graciously spent time with him and his family, including his first wife, along with her mother.

Things took a different turn when Landon had a relationship with a stand-in on the show, whom he eventually married. Gilbert chose to discontinue communication with him as she, too, experienced a sense of betrayal.

However, they reconnected at his daughter's wedding shortly before Landon passed away from pancreatic cancer. Even after 31 years, Gilbert still experiences a profound sense of grief and loss to this day.

Melissa Gilbert fondly remembers Michael Landon on the 31st anniversary of his passing.Gilbert wrote a blog post on July 1, 2022, to honour Landon on the 31st anniversary of his death. It is worth mentioning that she also expressed that his comment had a profound impact on her.

Today marks the 31st anniversary of the passing of someone who had a profound impact on my life. I am feeling incredibly sorrowful," she expressed for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Today, I am feeling a deep sense of longing for my mentor, acting partner, favourite director, father figure, friend, and boss," she expressed.

She mentioned, "Today I am feeling nostalgic for my Pa ... Michael Landon." I can sense it deeply, resonating within me. I long for him.

Gilbert mentioned that Landon's absence is felt not just for the role he played in her life. She mentioned that his voice would have been a source of comfort during these challenging times.


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