By God's grace, we refused the bribes that drivers offered us over the Christmas season. - Ghana Police

 In the midst of the celebration, some motorists tried to offer a bribe, hoping for a quick way out of a minor traffic violation.

Nevertheless, the offer was firmly rejected by the police officers, who emphasised that their duty was guided by principles rather than personal gain.

The news of this commendable act quickly spread, garnering the police department respect and admiration from the community. It truly made for a memorable Christmas, for all the right reasons.

The announcement was made on Monday, January 15, 2024, at the Police Headquarters, during a debriefing session of police operations during the festive period.

In a recent study conducted by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in 2021, the Ghana Police Service was identified as one of the institutions in the country that faces challenges related to corruption.

In a recent research conducted in 2022, the Ghana Statistical Service, along with other stakeholders in the fight against corruption, has been ranked as the institution with the highest level of corruption among 23 other institutions that were sampled.

Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, the Inspector General of Police, strongly disagreed with the portrayal of the Police Service as the most corrupt institution. He expressed doubts about the research's credibility and questioned its validity.

During snap-check operations, officers politely declined any offers of money, relying instead on their dedication to upholding the law.

During the meeting, General Constable Sowu expressed gratitude to the IGP and POMAG members for assigning us this important task during the Christmas season. Excuse me, but I wanted to mention that during our duty, we received guidance from the Senior Officers regarding the issue of extortion. When we venture out, it seems that some of these civilians enjoy generously offering us money. However, we always decline this type of money, thanks to God's grace.

COP Christian Tetteh Yohunu, the Director General of Administration at the Ghana Police Service, encouraged officers to continue their efforts in refraining from engaging in bribery.

He mentioned that the men were very firm in their refusal to accept any bribes, which is commendable. 

We would like to kindly remind the other policemen who are currently at home or getting ready for work, and who are not part of these exceptional individuals, to consider following their example and being cautious when accepting anything offered to them. With continued effort, there will come a time when the Ghana Police Service will no longer be associated with corruption in any rating.


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