"Rings of Power": Unhinged Season 2 Rumours Tease

The famous Gandalf quote about anticipating a good meal states, “Many folk like to know beforehand what is to be set on the table; but those who have laboured to prepare the feast like to keep their secret; for wonder makes the words of praise louder.” 

That gem does not apply here, as TheOneRing continues its decades-long endeavour to differentiate truth from folly in each Tolkien adaptation.

On Jan. 15, 2024, 4chan dropped a bombshell stating full story elements and episodes, which was promptly repeated on our Discord server (since removed). 

 Because it startled and depressed me, this post shook our TORn Discord. But someone close to the Producers supplied fresh information to confirm much of its content. It'll be a rocky night, Ringers, so buckle up.

As Season 2 of Prime Video's "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" Production Calendar continues, (rumour has it Season 3 is halfway written!) Some mysterious information are revealed, while others remain unknown. Like scrying in the Mirror of Galadriel without instruction.

Amazon is now rumoured to have covertly bought “The Silmarillion” for this 2nd Season! Seismic news! Even more crazy is the idea that the Studio has said nothing about something so major as of this article's publishing.

First, the Big Bad Wolf-Maia, the “Halbrand of your dreams” (ooof), who would become THE Lord of the Rings:

SAURON/HALBRAND TROP In interviews, director Charlotte Brändström revealed the first episode of the upcoming season will be a “Standalone episode.”

 For 15 months, our TORn Tuesday Livestream has reported that this “Season Opener” will focus on Sauron, his past, and his escapades before Season 1's Halbrand tale. We may learn why Sauron became that human and how he was in the ocean at the perfect time to start his long charade with Galadriel. If the Showrunners had used Dramatic Irony instead of mystery-boxing, Season 1 would have been very different.

Why did Adar and Sauron hate each other so much? Newly leaked information suggests that Sauron had a kid, and Adar killed him in cold blood before Season 1. Nothing like this appears in Tolkien's stories.

Spoilers: In Season 2, Adar (played by Joseph Mawle, now Sam Hazeldine) will surrender to Sauron and become one of his generals, only to betray him again. Sauron introduces himself to the Dwarves and reveals he "apprenticed under Aulë," resulting in his quick acceptance.

Season 2 will culminate with Sauron forging the One Ring, implying that the other Seven and Nine will be formed before the conclusion of the season (unless the Showrunners change the historical order).


Most importantly, Prime Video has covertly bought “The Silmarillion” rights, according to espionage sources. Season 2 is expected to begin with a more fitting Ainulindalë genesis myth. As a Tolkien fan and pop culture observer, I am shocked that the Tolkien Estate has finally opened the gates and nobody has said a word about it after years of speculation and hundreds of hours of discussion! Could it be that “The Silmarillion” is now licenced for adaptation?! If so, this is a unique circumstance requiring the greatest caution. Perhaps unique.

Quoted from the original post: AINUR MUSIC Episode 1 begins with Eru [Ilúvatar] creating Melkor with the Secret Flame, as Melkor watches Eru make the Valar and Maiar. Eru is a voice that sounds human but has no features. Valar and Maiar are golden, as is the Secret Flame. Although larger than the Maiar, the Valar are nude and drenched in golden light. A third actor plays Mairon in this world, not Charlie Vickers or Gavi Singh Chera. Gave Singh Chera will play fight against Annatar Sauron. We now know that three actors will play Sauron in various roles. The performers portraying Melkor and Ungoliant in the Ainulindalë will return in Season 2 as distinct characters.

Just wow!

Details are revealed: Sauron's background before the First Silence is covered in an episode. Several Maiar discuss Melkor's discord after the fourth song interruption [Theme]. Mairon/Sauron alone says: ‘The One has gifted me more so than all of you to recognise the potential of His creations, and what better way to forge their mettle than by enabling them to face Melkor's discord and grow beyond what they think conceivable! This scene features Mithrandir [Olórin]. Mairon almost converts. Almost.”

Four themes? We all know there were only three, so this may be a typo. Perhaps the most obvious consequence of adapting “The Silmarillion” would be unnecessary changes.

This elaborate reworking of “The Music of the Ainur” may confuse those who have never read the original. Tolkien fans will likely be astonished. It appears that this show would explore the eternal characters' legendary beginnings, a narrative aspect never given to Valar / Maiar characters.

Why argue about the “meteor man” that carried Gandalf / Olórin / The Stranger into the Second Age?

This fact should be carefully considered because it marks the end of those tales. The Quenta Silmarillion, Beren and Luthien's tragedy, and the Fall of Gondolin can be adapted for TV, film, or other media if the Estate agrees. Wow, amazing. It unleashes new possibilities.

Galadriel & Celeborn

Celeborn's offstage presence in Season 1 as a red herring (Galadriel doesn't know he's dead) doesn't fit Tolkien's original writings. The Professor rewrote and updated G&C numerous times, although the Appendices and “Unfinished Tales” never hint at this. Beyond this mistake in Season 1, we now know that our "dearly departed" Celeborn is alive and will be impersonated by Sauron in Season 2.

Sauron disguises himself as Celeborn to return to Eregion (how many? beyond Annatar). We assume this strategy deceives Elrond, Celebrimbor, and Galadriel simultaneously.

More deception! Galadriel fraud continues. This picture of the Lady of Light as someone who is repeatedly misled by Sauron—when Tolkien never allowed such in his accounts—has garnered great criticism. One of the first things I say in polite TROP conversations is that Galadriel was never misled!

I wonder how that will end. How long will Galadriel keep her Season 1 relationship with Halbrand a secret, and why did the Writers put her in such a precarious situation with the other Elves? If she doesn't tell, Sauron may return and blackmail her. Remember how Elrond looked at her after seeing the Southland genealogy parchment? “No basement in the Alamo!” No Halbrand! With Sauron impersonating Celeborn, bad things will happen.


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