NSS Allowance Deductions: Ashanti Region NAPSA President Speaks

Deductions from NSS allowances have been a serious issue for all National Service soldiers in the country.

 Their allowances are being deducted without any logical explanation from the Ghana National Service scheme management.

According to records, the National Service scheme withdrew 25 Ghana cedis from the National Service Personnel allowance in July. Surprisingly, the August payment faced a similar issue, with an additional 25 Ghana Cedis removed.

The withdrawals from NSS allowances have been a major source of concern for all National Service Personnel around the country. Their complaints must be heard. The Director in Charge of the National Service Scheme must take action to address the unauthorised withdrawals. 

With the unauthorised deductions from their July and August payments, the misery and other challenges in the country are already terrible for National Service Personnel.Deductions for NSS Allowances: NAPSA Ashanti Region President Speaks

"I understand the concern about an additional 25 Ghana Cedis deduction from the August allowance." As soon as it was brought to my attention, I called the national president and asked him to look into the problem and provide us with a clear explanation.Immediately following that, the Executive Director himself called me to discuss the problem.

The Volta Region was meant to be the only one affected by the deduction because they were not deducted when the June Allowance was given, but reports from the Ashanti Region have begun to arrive.

To be clear, I would like members of this wonderful platform to withdraw their funds and provide proof of evidence if there has been additional 25gh withdrawal.I need this information as soon as possible so that I can offer it to the Executive Director.

We're all in this together, so let's work for our neighbourhood NSPs, please.

Prince Boadu (Ashanti Regional NASPA President) signed.

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