Nightclub Manager Speaks: "We are not responsible": A freshly hired nurse dies after going to a club,called "bamba" with big men dudes.

“We are not responsible”: Nightclub Speaks as newly inducted nurse dies after she went to ‘bamba’ in club with big boysAfter learning of the tragic passing of a recently hired nurse a few days ago, a nightclub has issued a statement regarding the matter and maintains their innocence.

The victim was tragically discovered to be dead and was taken away by the police in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State. After her induction, she reportedly partied with pals before her family and friends learned the dreadful news, as reported a few days ago.

In Oyo state's Ibadan, the Copacapana nightclub has dissociated itself from the untimely passing of a freshly hired nurse. The body of the young nurse, Omoniyi Boluwatife, was reportedly found after a night out in Ibadan, the state capital of Oyo.

On Tuesday, Boluwatife, a Lead City University alumna, was admitted to the Nigerian Nursing and Midwifery Council. The eager nurse made the decision to celebrate her recent entry into the nursing field at a nightclub on Tuesday night before she passed away.

In response to the news, the Copacapana nightclub's management issued a statement denying any involvement in the tragic incident. 

The club stated in the statement that because the tragic incident did not occur on club property, they are unable to accept responsibility for it.

In the meantime, the nurse's grieving friends and concerned internet users have expressed their sorrow in the comments area.

Winnfunds remarked, "I know this girl in my school, o, her induction was just two days ago guy, I couldn't believe when I saw it for real, so sad."

Two of her friends shared her image that day, and the following day, I saw them publish it, according to the photo man. I felt stunned. 

I didn't chat them because I didn't want to ask inquiries. She doesn't appear to be a troubled girl. She only wanted to celebrate her victory. Shout at her.

"This shalaye wey you just made now fit land you inside trouble if men catch you," Olu Daniel continued.

"The club should have at least a CCTV footage; so the right people can know who she left the club with and ask questions," Arab Bucknor continued. None of us deserve this. May her soul rest in peace, however.



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