Man takes his wife to court after she gave their children her boyfriend's last name.

Theophilus Ayodeji Obayan, a middle-aged man, has brought his estranged wife before a Grade 'A' Customary Court in Oke-Eda Akure, Ondo State, for altering their children's last names to those of her new lover.

On August 10, 2023, Obayan went before the court to ask for the divorce of his 23-year marriage to Chibuzor Lillian Obayan and for custody of their four children.He explained, "My lord, my marriage was plagued from the beginning with crises, abuse, disobedience, misunderstanding, lies, manipulation, hate and wrath.

"I wed Lilian in 2000, and the two of us have four kids. My wife belongs to the Igbo tribe, whereas I am a Yoruba. I've endured a lot at the hands of her family despite the fact that they don't love me."Lilian packed her belongings out of my house to go to another man's house in 2019 and went to change her name, including my children's surname to the name of the Igbo man she's engaged to," the petitioner said. He also claimed that she changed her name to the name of the Igbo man she was engaged to and that she had not allowed him to see his kids since she moved out of his house.

In order to obtain custody of the four children and break the marriage, he prayed to the court, pleading with it to order that she change the children's names back to his.

Lilian, who refuted the allegations made by the petitioner, asserted that her husband acted in a very negligent manner."My Lord, during the years that we have been together, life has not been simple for me. In reality, the respondent told the court, "Obayan took pleasure in constantly assaulting and hitting me to the point that I suffered body fractures.

"Obayan is not a good parent to his children or a decent husband to me because he doesn't pay for their education or show any concern for their well-being.

He neglected to pay my dowry. So, I at last discovered a husband-to-be. Our children are no longer children, therefore they are mature enough to make their own decisions. 

My new love wants to give my children his name rather than the negligent father's. Mayomi and Damilola, my first two girls, are 22 and 20 years old, respectively, while Ariyo and Aduragbemi, my first two boys, are 18 and 16 years old.

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