Here's What the Cast of 'Little House on the Prairie' Really Ate During Meal Scenes (Hint: It's Not Rabbit Stew)


Little House on the Prairie captured the attention of audiences for a variety of reasons. First, it included themes that admirers of all ages could appreciate. 

And secondly, it assisted in the exploration of existence in a different era. Spectators were mesmerized by the Ingalls family's struggles on their homestead, which captivated them.

Like actual agrarian families, Little House on the Prairie cast members frequently shared home-cooked meals around the table. Except that they weren't actually eating freshly trapped rabbit stew for dinner; it just appeared that way.Little House on the Prairie continues to be a well-liked family drama.Little House on the Prairie, a Western drama series based on the same-named book series, premiered in 1974 with a two-hour pilot film, and fans are still enraptured with it even today. The primary character is Laura Ingalls (Melissa Gilbert), a typical Minnesota farm girl who grew up on a farm.

The series was classified as a drama and dealt with weighty issues such as racism and substance addiction, but it also featured numerous humorous and touching moments that made viewers nostalgic for simpler times. Little House on the Prairie never received the merited critical acclaim; however, decades after the final episode aired, it remains a cult classic.Dinty Moore stew and Kentucky Fried Chicken were consumed by the Ingalls family.The Ingalls family, led by Charles Ingalls (Michael Landon) and residing on a homestead in the late 1800s, relied on their own resources for food. 

This entailed cultivating their own vegetables and hunting large and small animals. At the dinner table, the family frequently enjoyed rabbit, poultry, or squirrel stew while engaging in conversation.Mental Floss reported that the actors were truly consuming Dinty Moore brand beef stew in the present day. And for those occasions when Laura brought chicken leftovers to school in her lunchbox? This was provided by the well-known fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Melissa Gilbert genuinely enjoys fried poultry.For their scenes, it would have been challenging for the actors to consume actual rabbit stew, but no one seemed to mind the Dinty Moore substitute. And Gilbert says that she particularly enjoyed her fried chicken scenes because she is an avid devotee of the dish.

"I was always the first person to consume the surplus food [on stage]. She told Parade that they also ate Pillsbury biscuits instead of homemade ones and purchased desserts from local stores.

She continues to appreciate fried chicken so much that she identified it as her favorite dish to prepare for her family at home. "I'm a fried chicken fanatic," Gilbert told Parade. "This is the one thing everyone desires. Everyone requests the recipe, so I know I've finally mastered it.

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