'Little House on the Prairie': Michael Landon Kept Almanzo and Laura's Relationship 'at Arm's Length'

 Little House on the Prairie lasted from 1974 to 1983, and fans continue to adore the show decades later. The drama series is based on the Little House novel series and centers on Laura Ingalls Wilder's life. 

In Little House on the Prairie, Melissa Gilbert portrayed Laura, Michael Landon portrayed her father Charles Ingalls, and Dean Butler subsequently joined the series as Laura's husband Almanzo Wilder.

The ninth and final season of the program was renamed Little House: A New Beginning to emphasize Laura and Almanzo's relationship. When introducing Almanzo to the audience as Laura's love interest, Landon kept the relationship "at arm's length."'Little House on the Prairie' viewers disliked Almanzo.

Gilbert was only 10 years old when Little House on the Prairie premiered. As the series broadcast, fans witnessed Gilbert's development. 

When Butler visited the Historic Pinecrest Village of the Manitowoc County Historical Society in 2016, he acknowledged that some admirers disliked Almanzo's implication that Laura would also age."My first episode of the sixth season was the introduction of Almanzo," he told the Herald Times Reporter. "It signified that Laura would grow up, and some people did not like that."

For the book Little House on the Prairie from A to Z, Butler also told Patrick Loubatière how much Little House on the Prairie fans detested Almanzo. Loubatière interviewed ensemble members for this book, which was included with Little House on the Prairie DVDs."We did receive letters from individuals asking how we could pair these two individuals." 

I recall a letter that stated, "You should be grilled... the producers should be grilled on a spit." Butler told Loubatière.It was challenging to introduce Almanzo on the program.

Butler explained to Loubatière what it was like to introduce Almanzo to the audience. Gilbert is eight years older than Butler. Gilbert was still a teenager when they worked on the program together, while Butler was in his twenties.

"It was an intriguing dynamic because... the audience had to believe that Almanzo was... they had to like him. That was crucial, Butler stated. "The audience also needed to feel that he wasn't going to be threatening, but he had to be a man."On 'Little House on the Prairie,' Michael Landon maintained a 'distanced' relationship.

In addition to playing Charles, Laura's father, on the program, Landon served as a writer, director, and producer. Due to the age gap between the actors, Landon attempted to introduce the relationship with care."Therefore, Michael kept his distance," said Butler. Never allowed it to cross the line in any way.

Despite supporters' discomfort with Laura and Almanzo's age difference, Butler insists that Laura "was always in control" of the relationship."We kept a very, very safe distance. Laura was always in charge of the situation, according to Butler's account to Loubatière.

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