Check Out What Melissa Sue Anderson, Star of 'Little House on the Prairie', Is Doing Now


Could you please provide information about the actor who played Mary Ingalls? Melissa Sue Anderson had the privilege of growing up in the spotlight on Little House on the Prairie. 

She had the opportunity to be part of the immensely popular show for seven seasons and also made guest appearances in the eighth season. 

May I inquire about her current activities after all these years? Melissa Sue Anderson portrayed the character of Mary Ingalls on the beloved television series 'Little House on the Prairie'.

Anderson was fortunate enough to be cast as Mary Ingalls at the young age of 11. 

Prior to that, she had experience in the field of acting. She had appeared in numerous commercials and had landed roles in popular shows such as Bewitched and The Brady Bunch.She portrayed the character of Mary, Laura's older sister in Little House on the Prairie. Mary's presence in the books was rather limited. The TV show enhanced the character of Mary, for which Anderson is grateful.  

She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to portray a character, acknowledging that the book didn't provide much material for the role, in an interview with Pop Entertainment. Laura Ingalls was an older woman when she wrote the books. She fondly recalled the highlights of her life. The characters of Ma and Mary didn't play a significant role. 

There were many instances of Laura, Pa, Jack the dog, and Mr. Edwards, but Mary was not as prominently featured. I'm grateful that they found out about my acting abilities.

Mary was quite a challenging role, too. In the fourth season, Mary's sight starts to deteriorate as a result of scarlet fever in the "I'll Be Waving as You Drive Away" episodes. Anderson skillfully portrayed the character as blind.

 Mary later pursues a career in teaching and eventually finds love with another blind teacher, portrayed by Linwood Boomer.

 Anderson received a nomination for an Emmy Award for Best Leading Actress in a Drama Series for her role. What is Melissa Sue Anderson currently involved in?


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