Wes Bentley, star of Yellowstone, on whether Jamie will kill Beth: "I think he must."

Jamie Dutton is done. After years of conflict with his family, particularly his sister Beth, the slippery attorney general has made his position crystal apparent.

 In the midseason finale of the fifth season of Yellowstone, Jamie (Wes Bentley) called for the impeachment of his father, Governor of Montana John Dutton (Kevin Costner). And when he divulged to Beth (Kelly Reilly) his family's history with the "train station," she declared war. "That's his cue," Bentley tells EW. Oh, you're going to try to kill me now!

By the end of the episode, both Beth and Jamie had made their objectives quite clear: each intends to eliminate the other. As for the specifics, we will have to wait until the show's summer return to find out. But for the time being, EW spoke with Wesley about Jamie's most recent discovery and his journey in general. 

WES BENTLEY: Well, hopefully this will make you feel better: You're not too far off. I'll put it in this form. Jamie is being exploited by Sarah Atwood, but he has been exploited by his own family for 30 years and is well aware of what it is like to be exploited. 

When I initially read this, I thought, "Oh man, here we go." But as I allowed it to set in, I realized, "Perhaps he views her as an opportunity. Perhaps he is evaluating her as well." I believe he is drawn to her not only physically, but also because of the kind of person she is. And there is something going on between them, this wicked power couple dynamic.

Therefore, I believe there is more to it than one party utilizing the other. On a purely clinical level, Jamie does view her as someone he could utilize if necessary. So you're not completely wrong. At the conclusion, he asks, "Do you know somebody who can kill my family?" This is him revealing his true intentions.

I feel foolishly optimistic that he will somehow recover and become a Dutton again, but I don't sure if you should.

It's okay. I got it. Regarding the remainder of season 5, do you know where it will go, or are you waiting to see?

No, I'm still waiting to see, and if I did know, I wouldn't say anything because the show's appeal lies on its shocks. I adore the responses from everyone, therefore we must continue to invest the necessary time and effort to make it as amazing and surprise as it is now. However, I am eager to discover the answer like everyone else. Do you believe, as the person inside Jamie, that he is genuinely capable of killing his sister?

I believe he must. There is an element of: This must occur immediately because the script only permits for it. He is aware of this. Now they will kill him, just as he believed they would if he played the impeachment game. He is a chess expert. He is three steps in front. He has contemplated it a hundred times. His cue is when he says, "It's over, Beth," and she responds, "No, it's not" Oh, you will now attempt to kill me. 

Therefore, I must seek assistance in killing her. I do not know if he could do it by himself. He murdered his biological father, but Beth is his closest relative. They have a close friendship, you know. A portion of their anguish and animosity stems from the dissolution of their once-delightful relationship. You and Kelly may have had stunt training for this sibling rivalry.

[Laughs] Yeah. If I recall correctly, she hadn't done anything before to the first fight scene in the barn in season 1, and she was really apprehensive. And I was telling her that I had accomplished much and that she would be successful. And we simply worked through it, and she was immediately fantastic. She truly excelled at it. This is where Beth's strength and physical dominance over him come into play. 

She completely smashes him, pulling him down the hallway. That was difficult. That was the most difficult day of them all. This was really difficult for both of us to do and have reasons to do, as well as to truly let ourselves go.

 The physical stuff can be outrageous, but we're really skilled and safe at it, and we truly like it despite its craziness.

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