Jason Bateman's Character on 'Little House on the Prairie' Survived a Bear Trap, a Gunshot, and More.

Jason Bateman is well-known for his television and film roles. The actor's performances in Ozark, Arrested Development, Zootopia, and Juno wowed reviewers and audiences. 

However, many fans may not be aware of his early acting roles. Jason Bateman featured in the famous television show Little House on the Prairie in the early 1980s. His personality withstood an unbelievable amount of misfortunes.

Jason Bateman has had a long and fruitful career in Hollywood.

Bateman has been performing for nearly his whole life. He has starred in a number of successful films, including Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Horrible Bosses, The Family Fang, and Game Night. In addition to nominations for SAG Awards and Golden Globes for his performance on Arrested Development, the actor has won SAG Awards and an Emmy for Ozark.

 Born in Rye, New York, Bateman relocated with his family to Salt Lake City before settling in California. At the age of 10, he made his acting debut in a Golden Grahams cereal commercial before landing his breakthrough role as James Cooper Ingalls on the iconic Little House on the Prairie. 

From bear traps to bank robberies, the 'Little House on the Prairie' figure portrayed by Jason Bateman faced much. Jason Bateman portrayed a 12-year-old orphan whose parents perished in a wagon accident on Little House on the Prairie. James and Cassandra stay with the Ingalls family as they look for a permanent residence. Caroline and Charles Ingalls eventually adopt the two children. Bateman subsequently appeared in 21 episodes of the show. 

Numerous misfortunes befell the actor's character during his stay on the show. In addition to grieving the loss of his parents, the youngster became entangled in a bear trap, was shot during a bank robbery, and fell into a coma. However, he endured it all. Michael Landon and "Little House on the Prairie" are recalled by Jason Bateman. Jason Bateman has said nothing but positive things about the cast and crew while discussing his time on the show.

In a 2017 interview with Variety, the actor described the Little House on the Prairie set as having a really familial atmosphere. "It was a warm place, and in the short years that followed, I recall... I would wind up with less functional sets." Bateman also expressed his respect for Michael Landon, the show's protagonist. The actor rose to stardom on Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie as Charles Ingalls.

During Bateman's tenure on the show, Landon served as an executive producer, writer, and actor, and acted as something of a father figure, according to the Juno star.

Bateman also referred to Landon as "the George Clooney of that period" and stated that "the crew adored him, the business adored him, males wanted to be him, and ladies desired to be with him."

The actor describes his profession as "under pressure."

Even though Little House on the Prairie and a supporting role in Silver Spoons helped make Jason Bateman a household name at a young age, the actor stated that he still had to work hard to secure other opportunities. 

He disclosed that he was "constantly" seeking employment and that his career had been "tense." Bateman's efforts as a kid actor certainly paid off, however.

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