Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly Updated 'Yellowstone' Fans on Season 5 Episodes

Fans of Yellowstone will be excited by what the show just revealed on social media, and who better than Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly to share it?

In a video posted to the official Instagram account of the Paramount Network series on January 3, the duo stated that while the next batch of episodes won't premiere until summer 2023, fans may relive their favorite moments by pre-ordering the season 5 part 1 DVD, which will be released on May 9.

 Cole and Kelly discussed the progression of their married characters, Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler, as part of the big revelation. Cole stated in the clip, "One of the things I love about this season is that we've had some really wonderful moments about not only friendship, but also love and honesty.

" The fifth season taught me how Beth and Rip, as well as Kelly and Cole, negotiated those waters. Kelly added: "What's great is that when we play them, we gain a deeper understanding of their history, which allows us to appreciate them more. In season 5, information is disclosed that we did not know when the characters were adolescents. Therefore, we are learning all the minute details that Taylor [Sheridan] has made for them." 

As soon as Yellowstone fans noticed the actors' uncommon presence on the show's social media account, they began flooding the comments area with their opinions. However, this prompted people to inquire about Yellowstone streaming online. When will earlier episodes of Season 5 be available to view on Paramount? "My favorite and only current television program. 

We regret having to wait till summer "additional added "Certainly the best duo in all of television. Cole and Kelly do an excellent job portraying these characters. Offering a glimpse of the humanity of these immensely complicated personalities, "a different follower said.

To answer your query, the first eight episodes of Yellowstone's fifth season are not yet available on Peacock, its primary streaming site. Currently, though, viewers can access them via cable TV or live streaming channels such as YouTube TV. Individual episodes are also available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

Until the summer episodes begin broadcasting, you should obtain the season 5 part 1 DVD so you can watch it whenever you want.

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