The Sandman Season 2 Cast, premiere date and everything you need to know

The Sandman has finally been adapted for television after years of attempts (and decades of fans' passionate wishes). The fantasy narrative, based on Neil Gaiman's 75-volume DC Comics series, presents a world where the Endless—

personifications of human phenomena such as dreams, death, and desire—perform their jobs and maintain the world in balance (while also butting heads with each other and other non-human beings). 

Now that the first season has debuted at number one on Netflix and millions of fans have followed Dream's struggle to reclaim his power after being imprisoned for over a century, we need to know when the next batch of episodes will be available. Fortunately, the show's creative team (including Gaiman and showrunner Allan Heinberg) is already planning for a hypothetical Sandman television universe.

How does the first season of 'The Sandman' end?

The first season of the Netflix adaptation follows the events of the first two volumes of the comic book. Unity Kincaid sacrificed herself to become the new vortex, and Dream declared a new age now that he's more in touch with humanity. 

He also faces Desire, who appears to have started the vortex saga while Dream was imprisoned as their next plot against the King of Dreams. The show's final scene in Hell contains a major cliffhanger, revealing that Lucifer is still enraged after Dream vanquished her in episode 3. 

She now has a plan to bring down Dream by invading the Dreaming, the Waking World, and "one day, even the Silver City" with the legions of Hell. The season concludes with Lucifer pledging to "make God absolutely enraged, and bring Morpheus to his knees." Has 'The Sandman' been renewed for a second season?

Yes! Three months after the show's debut, Netflix officially announced(opens in new tab) its renewal this week. The confirmation also included a comment from Gaiman, which stated, "Morpheus and the others are in for some incredible stories... It's now time to get back to work. There will be a family supper... And Lucifer is patiently awaiting Morpheus' return to Hell.

" The official renewal is welcome news for fans who had been wondering when the program will be renewed, especially since the creative team had already begun planning new episodes. Executive producer David S. Goyer spoke with Den of Geek(opens in new tab) about the film. Goyer confirmed that season 2 is already in the works. Filming can potentially commence as soon as the highly likely green light is received.

The creative team has also been planning for the full length of the show, with Gaiman telling Bustle(opens in new tab) that season 1's production involved filming some scenes that would be required in the distant future.

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