Power Book II : Ghost season 3 : Tariq might take revenge on Effie

 Power Book II: Ghost fans were overjoyed when Starz revealed that the series' third season would premiere on March 17. Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) will attempt to leave the drug game for good in the upcoming season.

 However, he and his best pals, Brayden (Gianni Paolo) and Effie (Alix Lapri), will almost certainly be drawn in even deeper. Tariq loves and trusts his pals, yet their friendships are in jeopardy.

In reality, Tariq may assassinate Effie in Season 3 for her betrayal.

In 'Power Book II: Ghost,' Effie is one of the few individuals Tariq trusts.

With his mother in the witness protection program and a difficult relationship with his uncle Tommy (Joseph Sikora), who is now residing in Chicago, Tariq has few people on whom he can rely. Tariq's closest buddy and business partner, Brayden, is his best friend and business partner.

In actuality, Effie murdered Tariq's ex-girlfriend Lauren (Paige Hurd) as a method of protecting Tariq. In a 2022 Instagram Live, Power Universe creator Courtney Kemp described Effie's reasoning, saying that Tariq could kill Effie in Season 3.

So far, Effie and Brayden have kept the truth about Lauren's death from Tariq. Because they are the only two people he believes in, the discovery will almost surely infuriate him once the truth is revealed. Season 3's official Starz description begins, "Business is prospering when a stunning reveal compels Tariq to confront with a betrayal from those closest to him..."

Fans are familiar with Tariq's movements and demeanor. He only kills when he's cornered and has no way out, which could be the situation when he learns about Effie's involvement in Lauren's death.

Furthermore, Tariq can be seen in his dorm room with a bloodied knife in his hand and a sorrowful expression in the Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 teaser video.

Season 3 of 'Power Book II: Ghost' will reveal a lot more about Effie.

Fans may expect to discover a lot more about Effie and her past if Tariq does end up killing her in Season 3.

"Effie's mother is a shambles. But I'll tell you about that later," Kemp said in an Instagram Live in 2020. "And, as regular readers of the series will recall, Effie's brother died. Keep in mind that he was murdered."

Everything appears to be revealed when Power Book III: Ghost premieres its third season on March 17. Surprisingly, Lipri already knows who she wants to play Effie's mother.

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