Sarkodie's fans fight soldiers in bizarre scenes

At the entrance to the Black Star Line Festival last night, there was a fight between die-hard fans of the rapper Sarkodie and some security staff. 

Fans who weren't happy with the show got into a fight with soldiers who were stationed at the gate to let people into the VIP section. This is where artists who are scheduled to perform are taken.

But when Sarkodie's group got to the entry point, the soldiers clearly refused to let them in, which caused a fight.

Angeltown, who is Sarkodie's personal manager, was said to have been turned away. Fans of the rapper who rushed in did not like the soldiers' attempt to be showy.

They insisted that Sarkodie and his crew be let in. After going back and forth for a few seconds, the conversation turned into a heated exchange of temper tantrums and verbal attacks.

Soon, the fans started to attack the soldiers, who kept insisting that Sarkodie and his crew should be allowed in.

Ghanaian journalist Olele Salvador took a picture of the scene and wrote:

As Team Sark tried to get in, they got into a fight with the security guards who were marking the gates and entrances for artists. We don't really know what started the "fight," but it seems to have had something to do with not letting Angel, Sark's manager, in. At last, everyone's nerves calmed down, and Sarkodie and his crew were shown in.

The US-Ghanaian rapper Vic Mensa and the American rapper Chance the Rapper put on the free Black Star Line Festival. The Rapper brings Black people from all over the world back to their roots in Ghana.

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