In Season 5 of Yellowstone, Kevin Costner gives a big hint that Jamie Dutton is going to die.

Kevin Costner, the star of Yellowstone, has opened up about the acrimonious conflict that John Dutton and Jamie will experience when season five resumes later this year.

Coming into the second half of Yellowstone season five, the Dutton civil war is in full force. While John and Beth (Kelly Reilly) are considering possible retaliation to keep him quiet, Jamie Dutton (played by Wes Bentley) has declared war on John (Kevin Costner). He threatens to impeach him from his position as Governor. 

But it also seems that Jamie and Sarah Atwood (Dawn Olivieri), his new love interest, have lethal strategies in mind.

It's anyone's guess who will prevail between John and Jamie as the Paramount Network drama enters the second half of season five.

The two have lethal ammunition on one other, and the slightest tip-off to law authorities about their wrongdoings will likely result in both of them spending the rest of their lives in prison.

Nevertheless, by eliminating Jamie from the equation, Costner may have just provided the greatest hint yet that John will actually prevail.

The actors of Paramount's Behind the Story discussed their feelings after the midseason finale impeachment twist, and Costner had some fairly ominous comments.

He began by saying, "Politics is not very healthy." You enter it expecting to perform a public duty, but you soon find yourself in knots.

He went on: "Plotting against someone who reared you... " He was explicitly referring to Jamie's behavior. There is a factor at play there that makes it uncomfortable to observe sometimes.

They are quite familiar with one another, and Jamie is everywhere.

Costner continued, "It's a fatal game that's being played," dropping a fairly oblique hint about John off his adopted son.

John probably couldn't recover from his son publicly challenging him, even if he wanted to.

Bentley continued as he turned his focus to Beth's threatening remarks to Jamie and their subsequent discovery of the railway station: "Beth comes barreling in. The train station is not widely known.

Jamie is one of those individuals, and although though it is illegal, he is aware of the law and knows how to get people into problems.

Additionally, Bentley said, "When you mess with John Dutton, you screw with your own life."

In the interviews, Reilly also participated and acknowledged that Jamie's actions were "hazardous."

She declared, "He's totally and irrevocably chosen which side he's on. He has something far more significant against her father and the way they conduct themselves than she does.

"They operate in that manner. Beth is not innocent, but I believe Jamie will use it against them going forward, and that's scary," Reilly joked.

Could one of the most contentious characters on the show eventually die in the later half of season five now that many members of the cast are aware of the possibly fatal consequences of Jamie's actions?

Regarding whether Jamie will tell Beth, Wes Bentley said, "I think he has to."

The midseason finale of the hit Western "Yellowstone" on Paramount Network on Sunday included daring power plays by Wes Bentley's Jamie Dutton against the rest of the Dutton family that look set to erupt in subsequent episodes.

Bentley, 44, tells USA TODAY that Jamie's delicate relationship with his father, Yellowstone ranch patriarch and Montana governor John Dutton (Kevin Costner), and particularly his fiercely competitive sister Beth, puts him in unexplored, brave ground (Kelly Reilly).

In the epilogue, the siblings fought while Jamie absorbed a blow from Beth's rock but maintained the advantage in terms of positioning.

Instead of being afraid of her, Jamie realized he had the advantage and the strength to control her in a power position, which was a great feeling, according to Bentley. His time has come. We shall therefore watch developments carefully.

When "Yellowstone," the most popular TV program, returns this summer, Bentley talked about the impending family boom.

Jamie Dutton made an astonishing announcement in the finale that he would begin impeachment procedures against his own governor father. How unusual was this boldness?

Wes Bentley: Jamie's most overt action to date is a frontal confrontation with John. He made it known to the public. From there, you can't turn around. But Jamie is prepared for anything, feels secure, and is aware that he will never succeed in getting what he wants until he takes action.

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