Power Book 4: Force : Premiere date and the new Timeline


What can we say at this point regarding the Starz release date for Power Book IV: Force season 2? We do now have a clearer idea of what the potential overall timeframe would be in the aftermath of the Power Book II: Ghost - March announcement from earlier today. 

Before we go any further, let's review the latest information regarding the Michael Rainey Jr. series. It will return on March 17 and, like the first two seasons, will consist of ten episodes. The earliest Ghost can end is May 19 or May 21, assuming we get an episode every week and there are no breaks (remember, there can be breaks).

 (It depends on whether Starz maintains its Friday schedule.) So, this is what Force looks like right now. Generally speaking, Starz prefers that its 50 Cent shows don't cross over by that much, mostly because they can keep viewers interested for longer.

 The best-case scenario, then, is that Force debuts on May 19. Although we do tend to wonder whether Starz would want to bring Tommy Egan back over Memorial Day Weekend (May 26–28), that is probably being overly hopeful.

We're attempting to convey that it wouldn't surprise us if Power Book IV wasn't released until June. Is that annoying? Yes, especially now that the season's production is complete. However, we well understand that this is a network that, at this particular time, very much enjoys making people wait.

 Additionally, they have a number of other programs, such as Heels and Hightown, that are now without a date. When it comes to Power Book IV: Force season 2, what are you most looking forward to seeing?

What day do you believe the premiere will be announced? Share as soon as possible in the comments, and then check back for more important developments.

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