Virgin River Season 5 Premiere Date and the new Timeline


When it first came out on Netflix in December 2019, fans were surprised by how much they liked the story of an unlikely romance between a nurse practitioner who is trying to escape her past and a former U.S. Marine with PTSD. 

As the popularity of the romantic drama grew, fans talked about whether or not it would be renewed. In this case, Netflix did not let them down. After three successful seasons, Virgin River was picked up for a fourth and fifth season in September 2021.

 Now, impatient fans want to know when Season 5 will air. Let's read on to find out everything we can about where this show is going. When does Season 5 of Virgin River come out?

We don't know when the fifth season of Virgin River will come out, but we do know that it will come out because the last episode was filmed on November 21, 2022. Since the first three seasons of Virgin River did well on the network, Netflix gave the show two more seasons. 

This is a rare thing to happen, since even the most popular shows sometimes get canceled without warning. If the rumors are to be believed, the fifth season of the show will come out in 2023.

 What happens in Season 5 of Virgin River? What happens in Season 5 of Virgin River? In the story, Melinda Monroe moves to a small town in Northern California called Virgin River to work as a midwife and nurse practitioner. She wants to start a new life, so she moves there. But the quiet town isn't helping her forget her painful past, and she finds that living in a remote place isn't as easy as she thought it would be. 

The next season will have 12 episodes. Since the fourth season ended on a cliffhanger, we can expect to see more problems between Charmaine, Jack, and Mel, and we'll also find out who the twins' father is. 

Lizzie will also help Mayor Hope get better so she can get back to work as mayor of Virgin River. As Brie drags her ex-boyfriend and rapist to court, we can also expect to see the court case about Brie and her sexual assault. 

Who is on the cast and crew for Season 5 of Virgin River? 

The original cast members, who played the main characters Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), will definitely be back. Some new names, like Susan Hogan, Elise Gatien, Kandyse McClure, and Paolo Maiolo, have been added to the cast list, but they do not yet know what roles they will play. 

Most likely, Monika Mitchell and Andy Mikita will direct the next season, and Felipe Rodriguez will direct for the first time. The show can be watched online on Netflix.

 Is there a clip for Season 5 of Virgin River?

There is no trailer for Season 5, but you can watch the trailer for Season 4 if you want.

Is there a poster for Season 5 of Virgin River?

We don't have any posters for season five yet because the show is still in post-production, but you can look at posters from seasons one through four.

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