After receiving criticism, Meek Mill pulls down the Flagstaff House video.

Meek Mill, whose real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, an American rapper, has given in to pressure and taken down the video for his new song that was posted on social media.

 After posting the video for his new song on his social media page, the rapper was attacked.

People in Ghana were angry that Meek Mill's new video was shot at the Flagstaff House.

Also, Ghanaians say bad things about Nana Addo because of Meek Mill's Flagstaff House video.

Some angry Internet users don't understand why the government would let him make a video at the President's home and office.

Many people wondered if Meek Mill would have been able to make a music video at the White House, where the President of the United States lives.

Well, the video that was popular yesterday has since been taken down from his social media after people said things about it.

The Presidency is where the government is run, so it is a security zone. It's not right for some videos to get out into the public domain.

Also, Meek Mill shoots a video at the Jubilee House and uses the Presidential podium

The video showed Meek Mill being filmed at the White House in several places, including the front door, the main hallways, the main conference room (right behind the president's podium), and a sitting area where he was rapping.

Meek Mill had a good time when he came to the area in December of last year for the Afro Nation concert.

Some of the best parts of his trip to Accra were riding quad bikes, hearing that his phone had been stolen at an event, avoiding thugs before going on stage to perform, and meeting the president at Jubilee House.

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