Power Book II : Ghost: Brayden and Tommy Share 2 Things in common According to Joseph Sikora(Tommy)

Following the death of his father, Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.) is the main character in Power Book II: Ghost. Many people connect Tariq's bond with Brayden (Gianni Paolo) to his father James "Ghost" St. Patrick's (Omari Hardwick) friendship with Tommy, who was Tommy's best buddy (Joseph Sikora).

According to Sikora, Tommy and Brayden have two key characteristics.

In a "Power" deleted scene, Tommy and Brayden first spoke.

In the Power Universe, Tommy and Brayden had never met, but they were meant to. In reality, the characters would have connected in a crucial deleted scene from the first season.

The Crew Has It with LaToya Tonodeo included Paolo saying, "We should talk to Starz and see if we can obtain any [behind-the-scenes material], bloopers, deleted scenes.. (Diana Tejada). "Because, like, nobody knows that Tommy and I met in Power. People are unaware of that. In the moment, Tommy appeared to Brayden and Tariq's dorm at Choate, he continued.

“Right? You are not even aware of that. I'm expressing that, to be clear. People are unaware of that information because that scene was never broadcast. Get the f out, Justin Bieber, he yells," Paolo recalled.

Brayden and Tommy, according to Joseph Sikora, have two things in common.

In the Power Universe, Tommy and Brayden have played key roles and are frequently contrasted. 

However, their upbringings were remarkably dissimilar. Brayden, a member of the wealthy Weston family, starts selling in an effort to buck the tradition of his ancestors. Tommy, in contrast, was raised in Queens and started selling as a method of getting by with his best friend Ghost.

Nevertheless, there are two things that the two have in common. In a recent episode of The Crew Has It, Sikora said that Tommy and Brayden are both loyal to one another and that selling is their primary goal. In the "Power" universe, Tommy and Brayden differ greatly in one important way.

Even if the two share some traits, they also significantly diverge from one another. In actuality, the two guys couldn't be more dissimilar—apart from their commitment and love of selling—than they already were.

The reason the spinoff is called Force is because Tommy could only help Ghost physically and with force, Kemp said on Instagram Live. "One of the key distinctions between Tommy and Brayden is that Tommy could only assist Ghost physically.". 

"Physicality, or mass times acceleration, was the central theme. Brayden has a lot of connections. He has access to places and opportunities thanks to his family name that Tommy could only dream of. similar to how Tariq had access that Ghost could only have imagined.

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