Power: Joseph Sikora(Tommy) of Power admits that his wedding nearly prevented him from getting the Tommy Egan role.

Tommy Egan, whose real name is Joseph Sikora, has always been a major player in the world of Power.

But when the show was first made, the character had a very different name.

Tommy's character has grown over the years, from when fans first met him in the first Power series in 2014 to the end of Season 1 of Power Book IV: Force.

TV Line says that Tommy gets back into a lot of his old habits. "But he has changed a little bit, that's for sure. Following the path that humans like to pursue in order to avoid repeating past errors... Some of the things are still done by us.

Tommy can't stay away from pretty girls. [Laughs] Tommy can't stop himself from wanting to be the best. Because he has so much anger and hatred, he can't help but jump before he looks. But he has become a much better strategist over time. But so did Tariq from [Power].In my opinion, Tommy has evolved into a particularly complex type of gangster as a result of Ghost's death.

Joseph Sikora said on a recent episode of "The Crew Has It" that 50 Cent wanted to play Ghost (James St. Patrick) and Tommy Egan's name used to be Eddie O'Neal.

When Courtney Kemp started making Power, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson wanted to be in it as Ghost. The producers tried to say that Eddie O'Neal was his best friend. But when 50 Cent decided to be an executive producer, Omari Hardwick was cast as Ghost, and Tommy Egan came into the world. 

He also said that he almost didn't get the part because he was getting married during his auditions for Eddie O'Neal. But everything fell into place, and he was able to try out again. The rest is history.

Sikora told that Omari Hardwick was the only person he read with for Ghost and Tommy Egan. Courtney Kemp said on a previous episode of the Crew Has It Podcast that every black actor you could think of read for Ghost because the studio wanted a big name. 

But Hardwick was her first choice, and after all the other names were out or didn't get the part, she was able to hire the actor she wanted.

After Power Book II: Ghost, which is set to come out in March, Force is set to come out the following year.

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