What time will new episodes of Yellowstone be aired ?

Before Yellowstone on Paramount even aired, Josh Lucas was cast as a young John Dutton, but it would take five seasons before the character's past would begin to unravel.

 Here, the actor best known for Sweet Home Alabama and A Beautiful Mind discusses the agonizing wait to hang out on the Montana ranch with the other guests.

 BOSSY LUCAS Even before they started shooting the pilot, I was accosted. Taylor and I had a lengthy conversation on The Godfather and the actions of Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro. These men don't have to have the same appearance. They must embody each other's essence.

 I aspired to be a pilot. In truth, although I haven't admitted it to anyone, I actually wanted to play Rip. He made it plain that he wanted Cole Hauser, which was wonderful for me because I've known Cole since we were about 17, or 18. I believe I arrived in either episode three or episode four. 

At that time, Yellowstone was not Yellowstone. Even though these guys were developing something and giving it their all, it hasn't yet been a success. When you were just 17, how did you come to know Cole?

Actually, the universe of acting is quite small. With all those actors like McConaughey in the Dazed and Confused universe, I really wanted to be a part of it. 

I was aware of that movie even though I never even tried out. I was an actor living in New York. Los Angeles were they. So they hung out with me and paid me a visit when they were in New York. Cole spent a few nights sleeping on my floor. At that time, the world of a young actor was quite different. 

It was a little more reckless, wild, and, to be completely honest, hazardous and inebriated. Cole always struck me as a powerful individual. He still possesses the same strength, vitality, and danger now that he is Rip, but there is also a soulfulness. 

After more than 30 years, it's great to ride a horse with him outside the property. They had been so little. It won't be much for me in the first couple of years, Taylor warned me before we started filming the first little segments.

 The fifth season will include it. You will be introduced in the fifth season. That is all I can tell you. I'm not sure if we'll do a full flashback season or full flashback episodes.

 And I distinctly recall thinking, "This guy is crazy." For example, I recently had the thought that a television show lasting more than one or two years, much less five seasons, is unusual or rare. That isn't typical. 

And the notion that he knew every season inside and out? He claimed not to know his destination. He simply knew that the flashbacks would cover a lot of ground.

 Taylor Sheridan called me for the very first time when I was lying in my son's bunk bed in the basement of our home in Harlem, New York City, and he told me that season five is when little John will become prominent.

 And I honestly thought that was ridiculous at the time. However, I also recently spoke to a person who claimed that when they discovered the location of the Dutton Ranch, Taylor strolled about and pointed in various directions, saying, "This will happen here in season one," and "This will happen here in season two." And this is where the cemetery is located.

 No, although I will admit that despite the success, I was disappointed that I didn't contribute more. More specifically, I wanted to be a part of Yellowstone from the start. 

The films written by Sheridan that I felt were amazing were Wind River, Sicario, and Hell or High Water. In terms of writing, I believed Taylor was accomplishing something exceptional.

 I did get the impression that Taylor had a special talent. He was an actor who departed a TV show because it was obvious he thought his value was higher than what they were placing a value on it. I ride, although I don't ride too aggressively. Since I was young, I have been riding. 

When I was a teenager, I traveled on a TV show. Although I've always been around horses, the riding in Yellowstone is at a whole different level. 

The majority of the actors in that show are either actual cowboys or have adopted this lifestyle. Taylor is demanding and calls for a degree of genuineness that, in my opinion, is unusually rare. 

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the World Cutting Championship, in which a horse is used to drive into a head of cattle and then pull out a single cow. It was an amazing human experience. Taylor finds cutting to be quite fascinating. 

The group of people around him, including the wranglers and other Yellowstone participants, are very serious cowboys and cattlemen. And one of them called me and asked whether I would like to participate in the tournament. 

For it, they prepared me. I came in second. It makes me very proud. In actuality, I consider Kevin Costner's performance in a film like Dances With Wolves.

 Nothing can be faked. Sure, they have doubles, but a lot of the work was done with those buffaloes by him. The level of horsemanship is unusual. I must therefore possess that degree of skill if I are to play the younger John Dutton. You can't really pull it off. Cole is a remarkable rider. The majority of actors can now ride at insanely high levels.

What did Taylor say about the image of a young John Dutton he wanted you to portray?

He doesn't seem to have many preconceived ideas about how to demand what you're going to do, in my opinion. He has extraordinarily vivid visions of the personalities of the individuals. 

At the same time, I believe he was already mostly satisfied with the minute details of the work I had completed before to our meeting. But at the same time, the talks I had with him that weren't focused on Taylor's inquiries quickly became more deeper. 

They were modeled after mine. Was he darker, I wanted to know. Was he more irate? Who was he then, exactly? His wife's passing was a jarring factor in the family that is so harmful to the kids. 

In that unique instant, Beth changes into Beth. All the different characters, in my opinion, end up being somewhat broken. I then asked, "Is John alone?" He's too busy to be lonely, Taylor sort of growled at me. The time has come to be a fan of Yellowstone!

 The popular program has started its fifth season, and its newest offshoot, 1923, made its premiere this month and broke all previous Paramount+ records.

 The most recent episode of Yellowstone's most recent season, which has been releasing fresh episodes on Sundays, exposed some gory secrets. But don't count on a follow-up this week.

 Fans won't be seeing the eighth episode just soon because Sunday is Christmas. The midseason finale, "A Knife and No Coin," will be made available the following week on Sunday, January 1.

While there won't be any new Yellowstone on Christmas, there will still be plenty of entertainment on Sunday. A Dutton Family Holiday Marathon will begin on December 25 at 10 AM ET/PT on Paramount. 

In addition to the first episode of 1923 and the first two episodes of 1883, the marathon will also feature episodes of Yellowstone "The plan of Jamie (Wes Bentley) to depose his father will be carried out.

 John (Kevin Costner), in the meantime, has a request for Monica (Kelsey Asbille), and he also offers assistance to a surprise buddy. There will be a significant change for the Yellowstone cowboys, as a flashback exposes the origin of Rip's loyalty."

What Channels  will show 1923?

Yellowstone and 1923 both take place in the same universe, but they can be found in distinct locations, which has some fans upset. While 1923 made its premiere on Paramount+, Yellowstone isn't truly accessible there. 

To be clear, while the new season is airing its episodes on the Paramount Network, the first four seasons of the original show are accessible to watch on Peacock.

Yellowstone's fifth season is currently showing on the Paramount Network, but unlike 1923, it won't be available to stream in the US on Paramount+. The new season will air in the UK on Patamount+, though. On Sundays at 8 PM ET in the US, the Paramount Network airs brand-new episodes of Yellowstone. 

On other Viacom channels like CMT and MTV, those episodes are also available to watch live and in reruns. 

In the event that you are unable to view new episodes live, most cable providers and live TV streaming services also give an on-demand or DVR option, according to Den of Geek. Are you disappointed that there won't be a new episode of Yellowstone on Christmas?

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