Fake police officer was arrested at Awutu Breku in the Central Region

Isaac Osei, who is 28 years old, pretended to be a police officer and was caught by the Awutu Breku Police MTTD Command.

Isaac Osei was caught when his car was pulled over for a routine check on the Awutu Breku road.

Samuel Nyamekye, the Central Regional Correspondent for Atinka News, said that Isaac Osei was driving without a license and a roadworthy certificate in a Toyota Corolla with the registration number GE 3013-12.

Samuel Nyamekye said that the suspect, who was dressed in a police uniform, asked the Awutu Breku MTTD officers why they had stopped a fellow officer.

"When the police stopped Isaac Osei, he said his name was Laryea and that he was a police officer in Accra. But after more questions, the police found out that his name was Osei. He was also carrying ID cards that proved his name was Osei. Samuel Nyamekye told how the police asked him about the police department, but he didn't answer.

The suspect is currently helping with an investigation at the Awutu Breku Police MTTD command.

This means that two people are pretending to be from the security services in December 2022.

On December 7, 2022, the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) gave Rufai Abubakar, who was pretending to be a military officer at Burma Camp, to the Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

Rufai Abubakar was caught by GAF Military Police when he tried to get into a military installation inside Burma Camp.

The GAF said in a statement that the suspect, who was wearing a fake Lieutenant Colonel rank and a camouflage military uniform, said he worked at Northern Command Headquarters when asked.

He added that he was heading to the Air Force Base to book a flight to Tamale.

Rufai Abubakar came to Burma Camp in a commercial vehicle. When he got off at a bus stop and headed to the Air Force Base, he was closely watched.

The guards on duty noticed that he was acting strangely and questioned him. After giving some confusing answers, he admitted that he was not in the military.

"He also said that he posed as a Senior Military Officer to scam Mr. Abdallah Abdul Fatahu, from whom he took GH3,000.00 under the guise of recruiting him into the Ghana Armed Forces," the GAF said.

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