The sandman Season 2 premiere date: This is what we know so far

When does season 2 of The Sandman come out?

No official date has been set yet for when season 2 of The Sandman will be out. But at the end of July, the show's executive producer, David S. Goyer, told Den of Geek that the second season was already being written. He says that the process is a little easier this time because season 1 laid the groundwork.

"It's easier in some ways because we've taught the audience the main ideas. We've shown that what happens in dreams can have an effect on the real world," he told the outlet. "They're more like jazz in that you can plan different parts. 

We can spread our wings a little more." Now that Netflix has given the official go-ahead, we can assume that work on the new season will start soon, if it hasn't already. Since The Sandman has a big budget, a big cast, and a lot of special effects, we can expect filming to take a while.

Who will be in season 2 of The Sandman?

Even though the official cast for the new season hasn't been announced yet, we can probably assume that at least some of the following cast members from season 1 will be back:

Morpheus/Dream/The Sandman, played by Tom Sturridge

Kirby Howell-Baptiste is Death

Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer Mason Alexander Park in Want

Lucienne: Vivienne Acheampong

Matthew the Raven, played by Patton Oswalt,

Allan Heinberg, who is in charge of The Sandman, says that this new season will have a lot of new characters and bigger roles for some minor characters who were only in the first season for a short time.

He told Entertainment Weekly in August, "I love that we've already cast a lot of these characters, but we still need to cast Norse gods and Egyptian gods." "We have some new demons and some demons who are back, so it's a party. It's a very busy time of year." Are there any secrets about season 2 of The Sandman?

Allan had a lot more to say about the new season than just the cast. He told EW that the second season of the show will be based on the fourth volume of The Sandman comics, which is called Season of Mists.

 The final epic moments of the first season's finale definitely set up this storyline. Allan told the outlet, "At the end of episode one, if we keep going, Dream tells Matthew, 'I'm going to Hell, and I may not come back.'" "So, episode two starts with Dream and Lucifer going at it again. It tastes so good! I can't wait to change Gwendoline's look into something completely different.

 I don't want to ruin the surprises for people who haven't read Season of Mists, but that's where Dream's real trouble starts." Neil also told Variety that he was looking forward to the second match between the ruler of Hell and the King of Dreams.

"It gives me too much pleasure to tell people who don't know what's going to happen in The Sandman, "If we do Season 2, we'll have the rematch, and Morpheus will go back to hell. And Lucifer has a few surprises for Morpheus that he didn't see coming "he told the news source.

 The writer kept going: "And everyone is like "Ahh!" And I said, "Yeah, and I know how that's going to work, but you don't. And everyone who has ever read Season of Mists knows how that will work, but you don't.' But that's good, because not everyone will have read Season of Mists, and this will be so much fun."

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