Who is Carter on the TV show Yellowstone? Was Finn Little replaced by someone else for Season 5?

In Yellowstone's fourth season, Beth (Kelly Reilly) makes friends with a young orphan named Carter (Finn Little) as they both wait for news of their dying fathers.

 The round-cheeked boy joined the lives of Beth and Rip (Cole Hauser) when Beth, who didn't have any children, took him in. As Carter started to figure out how to run the ranch, he also learned not to make Beth mad. 

When the show and real life move forward almost a year, the boy who plays Carter looks so, so different! Fans hardly recognized actor Finn Little and took to Twitter to say things like, "Did Carter just age 5 years in the off-season?" and "I'm not OK with Carter being an adult." 

But the best comment was from @thoughtstr3am: So we're supposed to believe that Tate grew a year between seasons and Carter is paying taxes and making plans for retirement? During the show's break, the Australian native grew a lot. 

The once chubby-cheeked pre-teen has become a lanky teenager and looks a bit similar to a young Rip Wheeler (played by Kyle Red Silverstein) seen in flashback scenes. People may have thought that the actor was replaced by someone else, but it's the same actor! 

The now-16-year-old Finn Little, who already has an impressive resume under his belt, previously appeared on Harrow, Tidelands and Taylor Sheridan-directed feature film, Those Who Wish Me Dead. Sheridan thought Finn was so great that he wrote the part of Carter on Yellowstone for him.

Yellowstone airs new episodes every Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network.


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