Fans will meet Lauren's brother in Season 3 of "Power Book II: Ghost."

Power Book II: Ghost's third season of filming finished in August 2022. But Starz hasn't said when it will come out yet. After BMF Season 2 comes out in January 2023, the new season probably won't come out until the spring of 2023.

Still, when the season comes back, we can expect Tariq (Michel Rainey Jr.), who is still working for the Tejada family and looking for a way out, to be even more cruel. At the moment, Tariq puts his faith in his best friends Brayden (Gianni Paolo) and Effie (Alix Lapri). 

But he doesn't know that those two are keeping from him a terrible secret about how his ex-girlfriend Lauren died (Paige Hurd). In fact, fans think that Lauren's brother will help Tariq find out the truth. In Season 2 of "Power Book II: Ghost," Lauren died.

Carrie Milgram, a professor at Stansfield University played by Melanie Liburd, tricked Lauren into testifying against Tariq in the second season of Power Book II: Ghost.

 Before she could, Effie, Brayden, and Cane Tejada (Woody McClain) took matters into their own hands. In the end, it seemed like Lauren had died in a car crash on her way to see friends. Fans, on the other hand, know that Cane and Effie killed her.

Fans were very upset about Lauren's death, but Lapri stood up for Effie. "She killed a snitching doe," the actor wrote on Twitter. Brayden and Effie may have thought that what they did was right. But they aren't telling Tariq the truth. Fans think that Lauren's brother will be very important in Season 3.

Tariq thinks that Lauren died in an accident, just like her parents. Fans think that this is a good time to meet Lauren's brother. Fans of the show know that in Season 1, Lauren told Tariq about her brother.

 During dinner with Lauren's parents, Tariq found out that Lauren's brother was smart but couldn't handle the pressure from himself and his parents. 

So, he started taking psychiatric drugs to help him deal with his problems. Eventually, he switched to other drugs before he had a full mental break and had to be hospitalized.

Fans think that Lauren's death will make him want to find out what happened, which will lead him to Tariq's door.

"I just know that Tariq is going to make some money, and he's going to fight a lot because he doesn't really know what happened with Lauren and he's trying to figure out what's going on with her," Rainey told PopSugar. "Then, as we've already said, Brayden and Effie try to keep that truth from him. So that's another thing that will happen. There will be a lot happening."


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