Fans of Yellowstone say mean things about Beth, like "Everything about her is getting old."

Beth Dutton, who is played by Kelly Reilly, really irritates Yellowstone fans, or at least that's how it seems on Reddit.

People have been saying mean things about John Dutton's only daughter, saying that "everything about her is getting old," that she turned into a caricature of herself, and that she is now the least likeable character on the show.

Reddit has always been a popular place for people to talk about what they don't like or don't like about the way a TV show is going. Since Yellowstone just started its fifth season, fans on Reddit are getting more and more angry at Beth. People say that Beth is cruel and heartless and that she is too hard on her brother, Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley). Then, some people don't like how Beth can't forgive Jamie for getting sterilized and always brings up the fact that he was adopted into the Dutton family. The fight between Beth and Jamie seems to get people really excited.

In fact, if you look at the most common complaints about Beth on Reddit, the most common theme is that people side with Jamie instead of his sister. The most likely reason for this is that people can relate to Jamie much more than any other character. Many people think that Jamie is doing everything he can to save his family, but Beth and her father, John (Kevin Costner), are always plotting against him. 

Beth may have good reasons for wanting to get back at Jamie, but her cold and mean personality is starting to get on people's nerves. Beth has never been a very popular character on Yellowstone, but in season five, she is becoming even less liked. Some Reddit users have even asked the show's writers to kill off Beth because they don't like her.

Redditors seem to think that Jamie would be the best character to finish off Beth. "Every time John can't see through Beth, I lose respect for him. At some point, Jamie has to kill her "said one commenter. "[Beth] is a caricature of herself," said someone else on Reddit. "Every time she calls [John] "daddy," I want to throw the remote at my TV," was one of the funnier posts.

Still, some Redditors say that the way Beth is treated is on purpose. Taylor Sheridan, who wrote Yellowstone, is known for making characters with big flaws and characters that people don't like. So, some people argue that Sheridan planned for Beth to be the bad guy of the family and the show. "[Beth] is supposed to be broken and self-centered," said one person.

No matter what, Beth's annoying behavior is making some fans stop watching Yellowstone. One Redditor said that by the end of season five, the relationship between Beth and Jamie is "outright intolerable." Do you agree or disagree?


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