A woman gets a tattoo of her boyfriend's face on her face

After showing off her weird face tattoo on social media, an African-American woman has gone viral on the internet. 

Some people are willing to do crazy things to show how much they love their partner, but this is ridiculous. 

Why would anyone in their right mind tattoo their lover's face on their body? What happens if they break up? 

If the woman thinks that getting a tattoo of her boyfriend's face on her bare face will keep him, she has made a big mistake. The guy will still cheat on her no matter what she does to try to keep him with her. 

I don't want to believe that this is a permanent tattoo. I'd rather think it's just a temporary one that will only last for a few days. 

If I were the tattoo artist, I would have politely turned her down and told her to go to a t-shirt printer because this is so stupid. 

Well, we live in an age where everyone wants to be important and get attention, so nothing is surprising at all. 

I'm just curious about how she'll get the guy's face off her body if they ever break up. 

All of the comments on the video suggest that the woman didn't want to think like an adult. A mature person wouldn't draw their lover's face on their own just to make a point.


Check out what some shocked netizens had to say about it below; 

@Samanthafrea – Tattoo artists must have a rule that tells these girls that this is stupid, lmao 

@Iamyoursign – As a tattoo artist, I try to convince them not to get it or to get something else. 

@Kxshanell – I'd be a little scared if someone got a tattoo on my face. I don't even think it would make me horny. 

@Kunstoppable – Tell me this isn't real. Why would the tattoo artist agree to do this? Where are her parents?


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