Grey Anatomy: Is Jesse Williams returning as Jackson in Season 19?

One of Grey's Anatomy's former doctors is coming back. Jesse Williams will be back as Jackson Avery in the fifth episode of Season 19, which he will also direct, according to our sister site Deadline. 

But sadly, there will be no sign of "Japril" in Williams' latest guest spot on the resurgent ABC drama on Thursday, November 3, at 9/8c. Sarah Drew will not be back as Jackson's coworker and on-again, off-again, back-again girlfriend, April Kepner. 

In "When I Get to the Border," Meredith, played by part-timer Ellen Pompeo, goes to Boston to see her longtime colleague Jackson, who now lives there with April, Harriet, and Jackson's daughter, and works at the Avery Foundation. In the last episode of Season 18, viewers found out that the ex-spouses were back to playing doctor. (You can read the full summary here.) 

In "When I Get to the Border," which will be Williams' fourth time at the helm of the long-running series, s3x educators Bailey and Addison take a road trip to volunteer at a family planning center, where a patient's ectopic pregnancy causes problems, and those nosy interns try to find out what Lucas' relationship is with Amelia. 

We all know that he is her nephew and that her late brother Derek loved him the most. But so far, Lucas's peers think that the first-year resident is sleeping with the attending, who, as far as we know, is still dating Kai.


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