Power Book II: Ghost’: Some Fans Think Season 3 Will Be Premiere in March 2023

Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.), whose father, James "Ghost" St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick), has died, is shown in Power Book II: Ghost. Tariq has been going to college at the prestigious Stansfield University to get a degree so he can get his inheritance. But in order to make money, he's now involved in the same business that destroyed his family. 

Fans had long thought that Season 3 of Ghost would come out in November 2022. Fans now believe that March 2023 is a more likely date. 

Season 3 of "Power Book II: Ghost" has been done for months. 

Season 3 of Ghost wrapped up filming in August 2022, and creator and executive producer Courtney Kemp even gave fans a hint about what to expect in the next season. 

"For different reasons, there will be rifts between Tariq and his friends," Power Universe creator Courtney Kemp told Entertainment Weekly. "And then those things will cause some cracks to appear in the Tejada family. There will be a series of earthquakes and then a series of aftershocks that will shake the foundation and change the series in a really powerful way. Season 3 is over." 

Starz has not said anything about the new season, though. 

Fans think Season 3 of "Ghost" could start in March 2023. 

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is no longer working for Starz, so the network seems to be moving on its own timetable. It seems to be hoping to keep subscribers by spreading out the Power series. In order to do this, the network has announced that the second season of BMF, which was also made by 50 Cent, will start in January 2023. 

Fans think that Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 won't come out until after BMF Season 2 is over, which will likely be in March 2023, almost a year and a half after Season 2 came out. 

Since the show's stars said that filming would end in August 2022, Starz has been quiet about when the show will come out. As the end of the year gets closer, it seems less likely that the show will come out in 2022. 

Here is what we know about Season 3 of "Power Book II: Ghost" 

Even though it might be a while before the popular Power spinoff gets new episodes, there have been hints about what fans can look forward to when the show comes back. Even though Tariq has tried to get out of the Tejada family web, he will be pulled in even more in Season 3. 

"I just know that Tariq is going to make some money, and he's going to fight a lot because he doesn't really know what happened with Lauren and he's trying to figure out what's going on with her," Rainey told PopSugar. "Then, as we've already said, Brayden and Effie try to keep that truth from him. So that's another thing that will happen. There will be a lot happening. 

Also, a lot of new people are set to join the cast. Gbenga Akinnagbe will play the role of Ron Samuel Jenkins, according to Deadline. Ron, also known as "RSJ," is a "graduate of Howard University and Harvard Business School who came from a working-class background and built a legal empire that has put him firmly in the business elite." 

Obi will be played by Kyle Vincent Terry, who is from the U.K. and "knows his way around a gun and is just as comfortable in a boardroom." Caroline Chikezie will play Noma as "a worldly, powerful, and regal woman with an illegal global empire who is not afraid to use any means necessary to protect it." 

Kiki Travis will be played by Moriah Brown. Kiki "doesn't come from privilege," but "she has an Ivy League education" and is "making her own way in the world of the business elite." 

Last but not least, Deadline says that David Walton plays a Wall Street executive named Lucas Weston. Lucas works for his family's business and is called a "left-leaning high-level executive who likes to seek out adventure."


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