Trinity Theological Seminary is hit by exam cheating as trainee pastors rush to get their "Apor Kronkron."

Every school has always had a problem with question papers getting out. No matter how hard the people in charge of exams try to keep exam questions secret until the day of the exam, "smart" students always find a way to get them ahead of time. 

As far as we know, the Bible, which is called "the word of God," frowns on this kind of thing. However, for some young men of God, this is a normal thing to do. 

According to reliable information received by, school officials at the Trinity Theological Seminary in East Legon, a suburb of Accra, were in a state of constant shock when they found out that exam questions for Sunday's test had been leaked on WhatsApp by some pastors-in-training so that they could pass their courses more easily. 

The trainee pastors are sending around images on WhatsApp that have all the right answers checked off to show that they are correct. 

One of the trainee pastors sent the first question paper to campus, our source says. When two trainee pastors heard about the leaked questions, they quickly made a WhatsApp group called "Asofuo nso p apor," which means "pastors also like leaked examination questions," and added about 448 of their colleagues. 

Pastor Selorm Dovia Sr., a senior lecturer, encourages the practice, even though the school's rector doesn't like it and doesn't agree with it. He gets money from the trainee pastors in exchange for exam question papers. 

"I saw about 250 pastor-in-training talking about the questions that had been leaked on top of a baobab tree on the school grounds," our source said. 

"This is in no way a sin. What does it matter that we're going to be ordained pastors? People still call Obinim a man of God, even though look at what he does. Use your brain if you want to be a man of God these days. Let's lie in order to pass. Our source heard a trainee pastor say, "I can't wait to become a full pastor and start spending the money of some dumb-assed church members."


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