Monet's downfall is assured following new casting announcements in Power Book 2 season 3

Season three of POWER BOOK II has begun production, and it appears that a new cast member may be the catalyst for Monet's demise. 

The untimely passing of Zeke Cross led to a jaw-dropping conclusion for Power Book II: Ghost (played by Daniel Bellomy). Fans are eagerly awaiting the start of season three, and it's possible that Mary J. Blige's character Monet Tejada could return to the screen a shell of her former self with an impending crisis. 

The Tejada family business's stern, queen pin matriarch, Monet, was first presented in season one. 

Her kids and the people she did business with feared and revered her. 

After her husband Lorenzo Tejada (Berto Colon) received a 25-year prison sentence, Monet assumed control of the Tejada cocaine organization. 

But after his surprise release in season two, Monet started to lose control of the things that had kept her successful—her family and her company. 

It appears as though Monet's life will continue to slide downward with the highly anticipated premiere of season three. 

According to Deadline, Caroline Chikezie, an actress, will make her film debut as Noma in the upcoming episode. 

She was described as "a worldly, powerful, and royal personality who has earned her money with an illegitimate global empire and is not hesitant to safeguard it by any means necessary." 

Noma might be a worthy opponent for Monet because she is another successful businesswoman who is eager to go above and beyond. 

Monet has led her business contacts with men throughout the series; she hasn't yet encountered another woman working in the same illegal sector. 

But if she faced Noma, it's unlikely that she would prevail given how things turned out for the matriarch. 

Despite Monet's agreements or previous deals, Lorenzo immediately assumed control of the company after his release. He also disregarded all of her advice. 

She was also rendered blind by her son Cane Tejada (Woody McClain), who betrayed the family and reintroduced her ex-lover Mecca (Daniel Sunjata) into her life by starting a business relationship with him.


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