Tracey Boakye shows off a new expensive project that is still going on.

Tracey Boakye, an actress and real estate developer, has been trading on the internet for the past 24 hours after rumors spread that her pub was sold to pay for her colorful wedding. 

This fake report was first shared on the internet by the well-known IG blogger Adwoa Tutugyagu, who has been after the actress since she got married. 

In an interview with GhPage TV, the caretaker of the building where Tracey Boakye ran her pub business told the truth about Tutugyagu's lies about her. 

Tracey Boakye, who is known for bragging about her successes to her enemies, used her Instagram page to refute the false reports about her. 

In one of her posts, she showed off one of her expensive projects to shut up her critics who say she's broke now that she got married. 

As the CEO of Shakira Movie Production said in no uncertain terms, how can she not be able to pay her rent when she builds and sells luxury homes? 

Look at the picture below to know more 👇


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