Rev. Obofour and his wife have made a new video that will warm your heart.

About two months ago, people with jealousy and depression on the internet told lies that Rev. Obofour had split up with his wife, Queen Ciara. 

In fact, the fake news about Rev. Obofour and his wife breaking up hasn't left the internet, even though it's recycled every two months. 

It's clear that a lot of haters can't wait to read in the news and on big blogs that Rev. Obofour and his wife have split up, but the two lovebirds keep doing well even though their haters want bad things for them. 

After sharing a video of them having fun in their plush mansion, the leader and founder of Annionted Palace Chapel and his wife gave their critics something else to talk about. 

In this sweet video, the couple was listening to "Cinderella," a hit song by Ofori Amponsah. 

Rev. Obofour decided to show his "bad" side by softly grinding his wife's heavy behind. He then went to dance by himself. 

People on social media have found problems with this harmless video and are now criticizing the man of God online. 

These people think it's disgusting for a man of God to dance to a secular song and, even worse, grind his wife's behind on video, which will then be posted online for everyone to see. 

To find out more, watch the video below...


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