Did Michael Landon really play the fiddle in "Little House on the Prairie?"

Most people know Michael Landon for his role as Charles Ingalls on the TV show Little House on the Prairie. You probably remember that Landon's character played the fiddle in the show. Landon played the fiddle on the show, but did he do it in real life? Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows the following. 

In the TV show "Little House on the Prairie," Charles Ingalls played the fiddle. 

Charles Ingalls, the real one, could play the fiddle. In her books, Laura Ingalls wrote about how her father used to play the instrument. She smiled when she thought about the different songs he used to play. Charles' fiddle can now be seen at the Rocky Ridge Farm museum in Mansfield, Missouri. There are also handwritten drafts of the Little House on the Prairie books, Almanzo Wilder's tools, and more on display. 

Dale Cockrell of Middle Tennessee State University's Center for Popular Music told Cannon Courier that Laura was very into Charles' music. The books came to life when he played his fiddle. 

Cockrell said, "I don't think it was a mistake that Laura mentioned music in those books." "That music was so important to her family life and her emotional life, and it was tied to memories and history of her family." For her, it was the music that helped her remember things so she could tell the stories that became the books. 

On "Little House on the Prairie," did Michael Landon really play the fiddle? 

On Little House on the Prairie, did Michael Landon really play the fiddle? Landon is not playing the fiddle on the show, according to reports. Laura's Prairie House says that while Landon moved the bow, music played in the background. 

Landon could throw a javelin, which was one skill he did have. He was said to have been the best javelin thrower in the United States when he was in high school. Landon told The Washington Post that when he was young, he thought his long hair made him strong. 

Landon got into trouble because of his long hair when he was older. He says that his friends didn't treat him the same way. He remembered when football players at the University of Southern California pushed him down and cut off his hair. Landon told the newspaper that after what happened, he couldn't throw the javelin, so he quit school. 

Michael Landon's fiddle from "Little House on the Prairie" belongs to Melissa Gilbert. 

What happened to Landon's fiddle? Melissa Gilbert said she bought the fiddle the show used. On eBay, she was able to find the instrument. 

During an interview on OWN, Gilbert says, "I didn't take it from the set." "Like everyone else, I bought it on eBay. My whole life from age 9 to 19 is in that fiddle case. All of this stuff brings back a lot of memories. Michael Landon was like a dad, so it means a lot to have his fiddle. 

Gilbert also owns the red dress with flowers on it that she wore on the show. It is in a frame and hanging in her house. At The Wilder Museum of Walnut Grove, there is a copy of the fiddle that Landon played on the show.


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