Do you miss Yellowstone? There are others besides you. While viewers wait for the fifth season of the hit series, Wendy Moniz's Instagram photos transported them back to the well-known Montana ranch. 

The most beloved series at Paramount is now Yellowstone. Millions of people have been glued to the narrative of John Dutton, who runs the biggest ranch in the country and is also a sixth-generation homesteader and a father thanks to the drama, romance, and mystery. 

Wendy Moniz previews what appears to be the theme of the drama's fifth season as it plays out and a new season is in the works. However, some devoted watchers weren't overly impressed by Kevin Costner's support of Liz Cheney. 

On Sunday, November 13, 2022, the popular series Yellowstone will return with its first seven episodes on Paramount Network. A later date will see the publication of the second episode of the season. 

What better way to begin August than with a post of gratitude? On August 1, Wendy Moniz posted a few pictures of the scenery on the set of Yellowstone on Instagram. 

The actress also included a black and white mirror selfie towards the end, as horses were featured in the four pictures with blue skies. She sent an Instagram message to her 21k followers as a way of expressing her gratitude for the well-liked series. 

"It is a gift to work doing something I love, and specifically working on this show," the caption declares. Being in and near this nature is a gift. 

It's a joy to be surrounded by so many outstanding actors and such a dedicated staff, the 53-year-old continued. Being a part of this incredible storytelling is an honor. 

Wendy Moniz has been a part of the program since since it debuted in 2018. Her character Lynelle Perry, who serves as the governor of Montana and is good friends with John Dutton, has an unclear future. 

Nevertheless, the actress attempted to reaffirm the continuity of her character by posting on Instagram from the Yellowstone filming sites. What would Yellowstone be like without Wendy's or Moniz? 

The gripping fourth season of Yellowstone came to an abrupt end. Over the course of the upcoming season, numerous issues must be rectified. Fans are equally eager to learn what happens next in Montana based on the election and blackmail drama between the Sutton brothers, breaking past ratings viewership records. 

Liz Cheney, a Wyoming Republican congresswoman, tweeted a picture of Kevin Costner wearing a "I'm for Liz Cheney" button. The position becomes available two weeks before Wyoming's at-large hose primary on August 16th. 

The tweet's title reads, "Real men put nation over party," and it has received more than 150k retweets.


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