Joseph Sikora's hint that Ghost will be back and teases "Are you alive or dead?"

By hinting that the late main protagonist of the program might still be alive, POWER star Joseph Sikora has sent fans into a frenzy. 

Before the Power series split into four brand-new spin-offs for Starz, James "Ghost" St Patrick's (Omari Hardwick) death represented a seismic shift for the Power universe. In his most recent Instagram update, Joseph Sikora teased fans with the possibility of Ghost's comeback as his former colleague Tommy (Joseph Sikora) continues constructing new pipelines in Chicago for the spin-off Book IV: Force. 

On Sunday, Joseph announced on social media that Power Book IV: Force's second season is now approximately halfway finished. 

Many of his 2.7 million fans, meanwhile, were more enthused by his hint that co-star Omari would make a comeback as Tommy's deceased pal, Ghost. 

In his most recent update, Joseph shared a photo of Omari and him watching the Power season 2 premiere with a somewhat mysterious remark. 

He inquired, "Is Ghost living or dead?" That is all I require to know. 

Then he declared that Force's second season had accomplished a crucial milestone. 

He said, "Power, Book 4: Season 2, Episode 5 is almost finished. 

While some fans were happy to see that the second season was progressing, many more jumped into the comments to make predictions about the potential return of Ghost. 

At the conclusion of Power's sixth season, Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.), the powerful drug lord of New York, shot him dead. However, could he have staged his own demise? 

@brittanybmusic, an IG user, stated on the platform that "Ghosts never die." 

Ghost is dead, as prophesied by @anthonyvelazquez. Ramona and James St. Patrick are still present at Uncle Gabe's old pub. 

@yancybxbx said, "Closed coffin didn't display the body, the funeral was rushed." 

Ghost coming out of nowhere and shocking us all would be great, but that democratic person had connections and money behind him, so he might have faked his death. Wow, I really hope that occurs. 

Is bro hacked or something? I don't want to get my hopes up too high, @babyyy.krista joked. 

According to @2low keiiiii, "Ghost ain't dead. He was trying to flee the mayhem when we saw him in a casket. 

"I knew my guy was alive!" cried coach dreezy. (sic)


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