Tracey Boakye displays her luxurious new bedroom.

Tracey Boakye, an actress, has once again demonstrated that Sarkodie's famous line, "Money not be problem," is true. 

After posting an exclusive video of her brand-new bedroom, the East-Legon land lady whose vibrant wedding ceremony has been trending online for almost a month now grabbed news for the umpteenth time. 

Tracey Boakye reportedly returned to Ghana after spending their honeymoon in Dubai with Mr. Frank Badu. 

They returned to find their bedroom had been given a new, opulent touch, with all of the outdated items having been removed and replaced with pricey, new ones. 

A large smart TV can be seen hung on the wall in this popular film, and their king-sized bed didn't disappoint either, judging by the materials utilized to mold it. 

Along with the well-designed POP ceiling, chandelier lights can be seen hung on the bedroom's various corners. 

Additionally, a few of their seductive wedding photos have been framed and plastered across the entire wall of their opulent bedroom. 

Looking at the pricy bathtub and beautiful Italian tiles that were employed for its ornamentation, Tracey's bathroom is likewise a wonder. 

One name that frequently appears when discussing the flaunting of real estate, including homes, pricey cars, expensive trips, luxury shopping sprees, businesses, etc. on social media is Tracey Boakye. 

With just 31 years old, she has already accomplished more than enough, which has left many young females quite astonished.

Watch The Video Below: 


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