Man explains that many young men are leaving their Benz at the mechanic shop since they are unable to maintain them.

An online video posted by a Nigerian man depicts Mercedes Benz vehicles being abandoned by their owners, the most of whom are young men. 

The video showed nearly seven Benz vehicles waiting to be serviced at the shop, indicating that the owners lack the funds to pay for the pricey vehicle's maintenance. 

He asserts that "Canada and the US don cast," which implies that it is more difficult for Benz owners to obtain funds to fix their vehicles as a result of the naira's poor performance versus the major international currencies. 

Onyinye bakee responded, "Buy automobile wey upkeep inexpensive so long as you can get to where you're going; else, they won't go hear." 

onyinye bakee; They have a bad driving habit and know no shame. 

Watch the video here:


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