"I Am The Richest Pastor In The World" – Bishop Oyedepo

The founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, has acknowledged that he is the richest pastor in the world. 

The clergyman agreed that he was the richest pastor in the world, claiming that he matched all requirements for being considered the richest person. 

Speaking on Day 4 of the International Youth Alive Convention 2022 at Faith Tabernacle Canaanland under the theme "Destined for Dominion," Oyedepo noted that although he hasn't received a paycheck since 1987, God is still supporting him. 

"I received my final pay in this ministry in December 1987. It wasn't until 1996 at a minister's conference and the first time in the Church in 2007 that anyone heard it from me. I wasn't a victim of sympathy; I already had a functioning financial structure without using any of your Church funds. Our novels are currently being published for free in numerous languages all over the world, and we still receive royalties. In my life, have I ever taken money from books? Never! The aim is to be blessed. Nevertheless, it sells in the millions and billions each year. 

"All of this corner life is not how one should live. And yet, they claim that this short man is the richest pastor in the world, and they are not lying because nobody has ever had to borrow money, beg for help, or do without. 

What does being wealthy entail then? Never make a sudden statement that makes people nervous? ...and continuing to give and give? Who is a wealthy man, then? You'd better get up! God, this love is not merely idealistic. I'm still here to tell you that Jesus loves you. 

Jesus cares about you in the workplace. You're loved by Jesus, motor garage. Jesus loves you, and He sent me to you, my buddy, under the bridge. You had better get up.


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