Kofi Adomah's co-worker goes into detail about the host's attack.


After going viral in the local digital realm last Saturday, Kofi Adomah's attack has been trending online for the past four days. 

According to information gathered, the attackers crossed Mr. Adoma as he was traveling back from Kuntunse. Mr. Adoma is the CEO of Kofi TV and the host of the morning show on Angel FM. 

The presenter suffered injuries to his face, arms, and shoulders from the individuals who were on motorcycles and carrying sharp objects. 

According to additional reports, they doused him with what seems to be petrol before attempting to light him on fire. 

Although no one has been arrested as of yet, some people have begun to throw fingers at a few individuals they believe to be the masterminds of the attack. 

This reporter from Angel FM described how the attackers chased Kofi Adomah, shot him, then escaped from the crime scene and landed at the gas station in a viral video. 

The man said audaciously that he knew who was responsible for the incident and named a woman from the estate Kofi Adomah visited and a teacher from Tema Secondary School as the major suspects. 

Although he provided no information on the third party, he said that he or she desired to inherit Kofi Adomah's properties. 

The author threatened to name and disgrace everyone who posts offensive content online as he concluded his contributions. 

Watch the video below to know more…


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