Power Book II: Ghost season 3: Starz debunks big fans theory

There are obviously a lot of significant questions to be raised here as we get ready for Power Book II: Ghost season 3. Consider what Tariq has in store first. then there are the Ghost theories, too. 

If you enjoy the show, it's likely that you've heard or perhaps uttered the following rumours: Is Ghost still alive in some way? We don't blame anyone for wanting to believe it because it is amusing to consider. This individual was able to wreak such havoc on the original Power that he is theoretically capable of simulating his own demise. 

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After all of this, we're being reminded one more that Ghost is truly dead. While talking about the future of the franchise, Kathryn Busby, President of Original Programming at Starz, reiterated that "Ghost died" (per Deadline). 

For starters, we don't think Omari Hardwick's character would stay underground for this long, so it feels rather apparent at this point. Ghost was so arrogant before he passed away if he had actually been living that he would have made an announcement. 

Additionally, it seems as though Hardwick has no intention of returning to the brand. He wasn't even there when Ghost's letter first appeared in voiceover during Ghost's second season. Although he had a fantastic run, it wouldn't be at all unexpected if he chose to go on to other things. 

Of course, Power Book II: Ghost, which has already finished production on season 3, carries on James St. Patrick's legacy. Please click on this link to learn more about that. 

What do you most want to see in season three of Power Book II: Ghost? 

Do you still believe that there is a possibility that Ghost is still alive? Make sure to share in the comments straight away! Come back for further updates after you've completed it.


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