Bail set at 500,000 for the man who tried to use his daughter in a money ritual.

The Ghanaian businessman who was detained for allegedly trying to employ his daughter in a money-making ceremony has been given a 500,000 bail bond. 

Evans Kyekyeku Oppong, who apparently spent some time in Poland, was also had to provide two sureties, each of whom must provide justification. 

According to a Ghanafeed article, the Criminal Division of the Accra High Court, presided over by Justice Mary Maame Ekue Yanzuh, further ordered the accused to report to the case investigator each Tuesday until the case's resolution. 

According to information on the website, Evans Oppong Kyekyeku requested bail at the High Court on Wednesday, August 10, and it was approved. His attorneys, led by Ralph Agyepong, filed the application. 

When the herbalist Evans took his child to for the sacrifice called the police to pounce on him, Evans was detained back in June. Evans had taken his child to be killed and sacrificed to the gods in order to become rich over night. 

The juju man pretended to be interested in the "bargain," but when he was alone, he called the police and informed them about the man's evil deed. 

The suspect claimed that despite spending a lot of time overseas, he is not progressing in life and that since he has 12 children, he would like to give up two of them in order to become wealthy. 

The herbalist claimed to have served in the military in the past. Because he does not support evil, his gut told him to act quickly, which is exactly what he did. The video was first seen by us on Chris Vincent's Facebook page for aGYAPONG.


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