Tommy Egan may be arrested in Season 2 of Power Force after a key clue is dropped by the star.

Tommy Egan could be arrested in the second season of POWER BOOK IV: FORCE after the actor offered a crucial hint. 

The hit criminal thriller Power Book IV: Force on Starz recently came to a shocking conclusion when it was revealed that Tommy Egan (played by Joseph Sikora) had attracted the notice of the New York Police Department. Even after faking his death, the actor hinted at his character's imminent arrest ahead of the premiere of season two. 

Tommy was originally introduced to viewers in the first season of Power, which ended in 2020. 

Following popular demand, the character was granted his own spin-off show, which focused on his experiences following the death of his best friend and self-proclaimed brother James 'Ghost' St Patrick (Omari Hardwick). 

Fans got to experience a new side of Tommy when he left New York and arrived in Chicago as a lone distributor eager to take over the city throughout the series. 

However, despite the fact that a number of various cartels had established themselves in the city, he aspired to become Chicago's top dealer, which was fraught with tension. 

As a result, Tommy narrowly avoided death several times as opponents attempted to eliminate him from the competition. 

Unfortunately, his right-hand lady Liliana (Audrey Esparza), who used her skills to assist him design a distinctive drug that proved to be a success, died in the season finale. 

A few familiar characters appeared in the finale, transporting fans back to New York and the feds. 

In the last scenes, Detective Bianca Rodriguez (Monique Gabriela Curnen), lawyer Jenny Sullivan (Paton Ashbrook), and Agent Medina (Greg Serano) were reintroduced. 

They were investigating an increase in criminal activity in Chicago, and they had no idea Tommy, who they knew well, was behind it all. 

He faked his death to avoid prosecution after being implicated for Ghost's death, thus it's doubtful they'd suspect him. 

Sikora was asked if he thought his character may ever be revealed in a recent interview with Hollywood Life. 

"No," he stated emphatically. "I believe, like everything else, Tommy's identity and how he's perceived by law enforcement will evolve." Look at Tony Accardo and other mob figures; the feds have been on these Chicago mob figures for a long time. 

"Even Al Capone had that eight-year period when he was invincible, and he was dining with judges." 

"I believe there is corruption at all levels, from the streets to the government, but I believe it can be a fascinating mix." 

"I think that when law enforcement is on these guys' tails, as we saw in the Power show, nobody has the purest interest anyway," the actor said. "So that could be another fun storyline, how close they get, but it's exciting." 

"I believe that there are consequences for everything," Sikora said, "and it would be irresponsible storytelling if you didn't convey some of those consequences." 

Season two would certainly get much more exciting with the FBI on his track, as Tommy made it apparent that he wanted to dominate all of Chicago. 

His presence in the city had already resulted in an increase in the city's murder rate, as drug conflicts had erupted. 

Tommy, on the other hand, was a proficient gunman who returned fire, killing a large number of people. 

Fortunately for fans, Starz has renewed Power Book: Force for a second season. 

Power Book IV: Force is available on Starz in the United States and Starzplay in the United Kingdom.


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